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Something smooth is brewing in a Florida bedroom.

This is what happens when the lounge singer at Zelda's local Village Tavern starts trying to mess with the system. Everything was A-OK while the guy threw some Manilow in his Bacharach, but now that he's heard those Beach Boys and mainlined 80s schlock pop, the denizens of Zelda-land (Mercay Island?) aren't feeling the milk buzz they used to. Time for the harder stuff?

Telethon Veginald Cheeseburger, (a.k.a. Orlando, Florida resident Matthew J. Kamm) is currently on tour. He may or may not gaze at a mirror singing into a comb when he is not recording in his home studio. The selections below from his latest CD-R (Hydrophonia) are self-described as:

A hi-fi trip into modernica, Tele experiments with (get this!) clean sounding recordings, tribalism, euro-pop, and Wendy Carlos-ism to find an aural home unique and vibrant enough to call his own.

Cheeseburger (of the Veginald variety) plays tonight, at Death By Audio (49 South 2nd St btwn Kent and Wythe), with R. Stevie Moore, Unicornicopia, and tour mates The Ocean Floor.

Telethon Veginald Cheeseburger, “Modern Man”

Telethon Veginald Cheeseburger, “What Is Your Name?”

Telethon Veginald Cheeseburger, “Search Party Blues (Sorry Jimmy)”