Shhhh: Church is playing rock music

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Portland-based Church operate in the ethereal and supple: it's pretty music, sometimes even gorgeous. In some senses—the quest for better song-writing through vocal harmony and reverby guitar hooks—I'm reminded of Women's self-titled album. But with Church, it's sometimes like you're really in God's house: parts are barely there, and it's always quiet enough to catch every subtlety. This dude got excited about the band's gear, as apparently it's pretty “high end.” I guess their money went there instead of to their professed website ( Nice one:

Church, “Graveyard”

Church, “Opposite People”

They're currently wrapping around the US on a tour with the Ocean Floor. Check in at Tender Loving Empire for their full-length, Song Force Crystal.

Church tour dates
29 Monk’s House of Jazz w. the Ocean Floor Salt Lake City, Utah
30 Rhinoceropolis w. the Ocean Floor Denver
31 2009 9:00P
Duffy’s Tavern Lincoln, Nebraska

01 The Bachelor Pad Lawrence, Kansas
02 TBA w. the Ocean Floor Kansas City, Kansas
03 TBA w. the Ocean Floor Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
04 The Monolith w. Here Is There and The Ocean Floor Tulsa, Oklahoma
05 KXUA Radio Show Fayetteville, Arkansas
05 Smoke and Barrel Fayetteville, Arkansas
06 Lazzer Puzzy Little Rock, Arkansas
07 JJ’s Bohemia w. the Ocean Floor Chattanooga, Tennessee
08 255 Ashley Ave. w. the Ocean Floor Charleston, South Carolina
09 Spazzatorium w. Prince Rama of Ayodhya, The Ocean Floor, Impure Jazz, Truman Peyote Greenville, North Carolina
10 The Boot with The Ocean Floor Norfolk, Virginia
11 The Hexagon w. nothingberryplasma and the Ocean Floor Baltimore, Maryland
12 Greenline Cafe w. Folklore and The Ocean Floor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
13 Loft party New York City, New York
14 super secret New York City, New York
15 TBA w. the Ocean Floor Providence? Boston?, Rhode Island
16 TBA w. the Ocean Floor Boston? Burlington?, Vermont
17 Garden Bowl w. the Ocean Floor, duende THIS IS A BOWLING ALLEY Detroit, Michigan
18 The Treehouse with Couch Forts, Bird and Flower, The Ocean Floor Columbus, Ohio
20 Rachel’s Cafe with Tinyfolk and The Ocean Floor Bloomington, Illinois
22 Ames Progressive with Soy Un Caballo and The Ocean Floor Ames, Iowa
24 Revolution House w. M. Pyres & The Ocean Floor Fort Collins, Utah
26 Neurolux w. the Ocean Floor Boise, Idaho
27 KPSU 15th anniversary Portland, Oregon