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casual victim pile

We're a little late on covering this January release. Or are we? SXSW is a mere weeks away and we suggest boning up on Austin bands with Casual Victim Pile.

Is this the year that Austin takes the crown? It used to sit upon Brooklyn's highhead. In my opinion, San Francisco seized power in '09. With Be Brave most likely standing strong with the year's best, The 10 could be the year we learn how much bigger everything is in Texas.

Matador's Casual Victim Pile compiles 19 Austin bands, most of which are unknown on the national circuit, save for Harlem – who's still a buzz band. Most of these bands are of the psychedelic bar band ilk, fluctuating between The Animals and 13th Floor Elevators – either they woke up with a beer or a tab dose. They mostly play at break neck speeds too. Then there's Kingdom of Suicide Lovers, which wrote a Sonic Youth sounding song and mentioned SY in the lyrics – wtf. Good thing I read press releases in full, I just learned “Casual Victim Pile” is an anagram for “Live Music Capital.” Blaow! Who called it?

Mark it down, kids. Impose is calling shots and this one goes out to Austin with love.

Casual Victim Pile is out now on Matador.

Follow That Bird, “The Ghosts That Wake You”

Love Collector, “First 48”