NAKED, “Lie Follows Lie” b/w “In Heaven”

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I've never been to Edinburgh, at least in my adult life, but if I had to guess what music it might spawn, I wouldn't have to look further than NAKED to find the answer. Their deep, dark, gothic sound is as icy as a castle with no central heating system and it has that cool, hopeless tone to it that is so relevant in the age of millennial despair. The guitars shine and the vocals are trenched in layer upon layer of echo and reverb, and there's even a hint of Sinead O'Connor in there somewhere. The two tracks on their upcoming 7″, “Lie Follows Lie” and “In Heaven”, are as much Chelsea Wolfe as they are melodramatic Joy Division. They could cut through diamonds—the force of ennui is that strong.

The 7″ is available to pick up through Song By Toad at this link, and ready to stream right here.