Casy and Brian

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This album came out like three years ago (maybe two?) and I think I would probably have been really psyched on its angular riffage then. It still sounds good to my deteriorating ability to hear certain frequencies, but mainly I'm in love with the fact that they printed the art over a Joanna Newsom album on the front and a Totally Hits 2001 compilation on the back. This was the cause of much consternation and confusion upon first opening this package, particularly because the semi-gothic swirls they chose for their type-face were kind of impossible to read, and I'd never heard of this Pish Posh label out of Oakland. And this isn't some scrappy silk-screening here, this shit looks embossed.

Why they sent me this thing three years after it came out, I'll never know, but I'll always be thankful for the small bit of out of body confusion it initially stirred up when I thought Joanna Newsom's newest album involved collaborations with Missy Elliot, Outkast, and some guy calling himself P. Diddy.

Casy and Brian, “Nocturnal Friends Stand United”

Casy and Brian, “Banana Gorilla”