Nice package: Prince Rama

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Seeing as we just interviewed the guy with one of the best collections of novelly-designed records from the 90s underground stream, we figured we'd launch the beginning of our own little archive for the oddest-packaged releases people send us in the mail (hint, hint: you can too).

This week, we bring you Prince Rama's hexagonal faux-furry CD-r b/w the meditating chick you see above with a plastic jewel thing in her lap. It came with extra plastic jewel things in the envelope, to boot.

On Zetland, Prince Rama (full name: Prince Rama of Ayodhya) offers up eight tracks of Taraka Larson bellowing and crooning towards Satoris, saddled up beside an array of styles, from the occult drones and shuffles of “Govinda Hare” or “Panoptic Yes” to an almost Celtish swagger that permeates tracks like “Golden Glow.” Then their's the eight-minute “Fossil House” that manages to fuse those elements into a feel-good morning raga. Anyway, nice fur!

Prince Rama, “Fossil House”