Petition to force Heidi Klum and Seal to re-marry (for Halloween)

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While Heidi Klum and Seal may not be the greatest of friends right now (because she's a slut and he's an asshole), our findings suggest that they may be liable to sext each other as the foliage turns and the weather crispens and all-10 Ricky's become Halloween superstores (and are promptly ravaged).

Every October, the couple (whose marriage spanned 7 years and 4 children, each with the middle name Samuel) displayed that their power, their pleasure, their pain was attending gala after gala dressed like piles of expensive insanity, and even hosting Halloween parties of their own.

It's my wife and I do what I want. (

Pre-Black Swan craze. (Getty)

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KISSED BY A ROSE ON THE COP: But even in their most joyous times (Halloween), the German-born Runway host (and official living Barbie) was sending out all the signals that she had the hots for her longtime bodyguard by convincing her British soul singing sweetheart dress like a moto cop.

Now in 2012, couples costumes are really the forefront of inane kitsch; for instance, you won't find the premiere hipster couple Andy Samberg and Joanna Newsom wearing a bunch of stuff.

In truth: Heidi can do bad all by herself.

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Special thanks to Jamie for giving me the idea to blog about it.

P.S. Who even knew that Callista Flockhart and Harrison Ford were friends!!? And suddenly they're married!??!!