Stranger Day goes for my liver

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Stranger Day

Stranger Day is a North Carolina MC that hooked up with producer EMYND for the majority of of his first official record Barstool Bounce. EMYND is a Philadelphia-based producer known for serving beats to Gucci Mane, Diplo, Lil B and Playboy Tre. EMYND along with Mad Decent house producer DJ A electrify Stranger Days slow Southern drawl with thier club-friendly production without sacrificing the rapper's backwoods aesthetic. Shit, even bootleggers need a driving beat to keep the mind racing while they tear through the suicide routes of the deep countryside.

While we're on the topic of bootlegging, it's time to tip the proverbial hat to the PR agencies behind Stranger Day, who shall remain nameless in this article so as to not immediately incriminate them. I am not privvy to the distribution laws of moonshine or white lightning, whichever nomenclature is preferred, but I admire the gusto it took to mail the distilled beverage. Upon first receving my mason jar, I smirked at the clever marketing scheme, assuming no agency would send out hooch. Boy, was I wrong when I cracked the seal on the lid.

Since catching a heavy wiff of the distilled beverage, my drunk game has accelerated or as Stranger Day puts it on “Stranger Day Wasted”, I've been getting “wasted like the white boys.” One night in particular I crashed a graduation party, adorned a coned hat and began rhino charging the balloons. From there, the blur began which may or may not have included graffiti and indecent exposure – I plead the fifth. As you can see from the photo I've only a quarter of the jar remaining. Cheers to Stranger Days for having the best promo campaign to arrive on my doorstep thus far. Let it be a valued hint to agencies who want Impose's press in the future: send hooch.

Stranger Day, “Moonwalking On The Sun”

Stay on the lookout Stranger Day's Bar Stool Bounce. The release date is unknown, but perhaps with a bit of luck your copy can include an unmarked mason jar of white lightning as well.