The West Coast Avengers Mixtape?

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Hello there funny book followers.

I'm primarily a Marvel guy (I only actively purchase Morrison's Batman and Robin and anything involving Animal Man) so imagine my delight when I found a rapper with an EP called The West Coast Avengers EP. The reason for my excitement? One of my favorite heroes of all-time, the tumultuous Darkhawk, has a song in his honor.

The rapper responsible for this incredible tribute is Adam WarRock, a former lawyer who has been embraced by the geek-rap game. He's done a song recapping the entire first 5 volumes of Scott Pilgrim (which is an almost suitable replacement for reading the books) and his debut album is called The War for Infinity (which could only mean one thing).

As for The West Coast Avengers EP, it's interesting. There are high and low points for sure. For instance, using 2Pac's “Me and My Girlfriend” to the set the stage for “Hawkeye and Mockingbird” is perfect and shows that WarRock digs hip-hop just as much as he digs comic books. “Spider-Woman” and “Hank Pym” work pretty well, too. Unfortunately, “Darkhawk” sounds a little forced over Above the Law's “Murder Rap” beat but you can't win them all. Overall, this is well done and the dude can rap. If this doesn't convince you then you need to check the first single from the forthcoming “The War on Infinity.”

I can only expect that WarRock is inspiring a fresh batch of rappers and maybe one day we'll see a Secret Wars record? A Crisis mixtape? I'm personally holding out for a Secret Defenders themed outing. “Darkhawk Pt. II” anyone? WarRock don't let me down.

Adam WarRock, “Darkhawk”

Adam WarRock, “Hank Pym”

Adam WarRock, “Hawkeye & Mockingbird”