Read me baby one more time

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Now that you've forgotten what your actual resolutions were, it's time to reconsider what should be on your 'to read' list for 2011. Or maybe your resolution is to actually read what is on your shelf before picking up some new ones.

Over at Salon, they offer a whole list of possible challenges. Like the Chunkster, where the goal is to only tackle books 450 pages or more.

If that's a little pretentious, try the 'To Be Read' Pile Challenge, where procrastinators unite to read stuff that you've been meaning to read for over a year.

And there's the Quirky Brown Reading Challenge, or the quest to read books that offer an offbeat take on the modern black experience and a list of those suggested books can be found here.

There's also the humorously named Read Me Baby One More Time book challenge, as a way to encourage and track the old favorites, with a couple of levels of participation.

And, uh, as for me I won't be making any reading resolutions this year. Mine from last year horribly failed–I tried to read 6 Faulkner books in a year, but I only got to three and then quit in July. So much for resolve.