Vote for BULL.

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BULL Men's Fiction has an opportunity to get some hot cash from a corporate giant trying to do some good. Up for grabs? $100k. I know some of you hedgefund traders (Impose's core audience…BTW) bank that in an hour, and James Patterson runs several other zeros after that number at his palatial estate of ghostwriters, but this is indie lit we're talking about, so this is a big deal.

You've gotta vote through that litte thing called “FACEBOOK” but you can vote up to once a day through the weekend. And the guy's name is Jarrett Haley who's already got BULL Fiction up & running. Jarett has this to say at the BULL website:

  • Your votes are a statement—that reading and writing matter, that journals and small presses are deserving of funding, that stories are important to people and their authors should be compensated.

  • The money will go straight to writers. No one's getting a salary out of this. All funds go towards expanding BULL as a journal and small press. This funding will go into the pocket of artists like you.
  • The exposure will bolster the indie lit scene, engaging and informing the public of what's happening on all these pages, on all these sites. Independent literature is too good to be kept a secret. We want to make more readers in the world, and we're starting with men.
  • This is not a handout, not a Kickstarter campaign, and we're not asking for a dime. All you have to do is click a button on Facebook. Those clicks alone can create a paying fiction magazine, one with a proven commitment to working closely with writers and building editor/author relationships.
  • The opportunity is unprecedented! This is the first time a journal and small press can be founded and well-funded simply by enough people clicking their mouse

And you've got to allow some “app” thing access to your account, but you've already done that a million times you've supported another “cause” and it's not worse than accidentally giving out your phone number to that creepy guy that you went to middle school with.

So vote here. Here's that link again. And one more time.