What to read (right now) XII

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We're going all pop & poetry with pieces that hit on the Winter's Bone, the ridiculous number of women's names in Allman Bros. songs, & kickin some Margaritaville down the curb.

Somehow Bill Murray gets into this as well. “I Fell Asleep during Winter's Bone” by Stephen Tully Dierks @ Let People Poems (via Orange Alert)

She’s naked a lot in that one Jim Jarmusch movie where the bro walks around all movie looking cool and having coffee with zany character actors.

I don’t know, I like that music video he made for the band Girls, and Dead Man, and Coffee and Cigarettes.

“Allman Brothers Song Titles That Contain Women's Names” by Jeff Baker @ Booth.

• Melissa

• Jessica: Melissa and I Were Just Friends, I Swear

• Melissa: I Swear Jessica and I Were Just Friends

“Iguanas Fall From Trees” by Erica Dawson @ Birmingham Poetry Review

Outside The Green Parrot where Jimmy Buffet reigns
Although his Margaritaville is blocks
Up on Duval. Key West: Cold winter deigns
To show its face; and, when it does, it docks