What to read (right now) XV

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Dark Sky Magazine, here's looking at you. Or in the words of the most unlikely Twitter hashtag yesterday, you're the #beesknees.

Dark Sky has always been in the periphery of my greater lit mind, but I happen to find an interview from there that appeared in March and now I'm straight hooked. I'll just start with the books.

I don't know much about these authors, but if you judge a book by its cover, and I will, they look pretty good. That's always a positive. Plus, I've heard positives about Ethel Rohan and this cowboy story by Michael Bible, who is quickly becoming my favorite atuhor that I've never read. Double bonuses that I need to pick up soon.

After tooling away on that, I flitted to their magazine section where they've got this great thing going — responses to the news every few days in May. Somehow they timed it right where they roped in a response about Bin Laden's death from Paula Bomer, most recently the author of Baby.

Here's some of it:

I ate my egg sandwich I got irritated and sad and alarmed — everything makes me think of my father. I can’t get away from him, that not even huge world events can stop me from thinking of him. I understand that when I put on the ring he gave me, or look at the shoes he bought me, or pass photographs of him on the wall, or see the three-piece suit I bought him for his 70th birthday hanging in my closet or even think about my upcoming birthday and how he would always call and send me gifts — I understand how all that makes me miss him terribly. But bin Laden’s death?

Then through sheer luck or perfected strategery, they got xTx to write about the death of Yvette Vickers, a 1950s film actress best known for her cult horror classics. xTx has been creating ripples that will soon (hopefully) turn into tidal waves with her new book Normally Special and her perspective really captures the essence of “fading into obscurity” with this piece, “Nobody Wants Honey Anymore.” Let's keep tabs on what else pops in this news magazine.

All of that should be good and good, but their blog looks like it's picking up steam too, need to bookmark that and find my way there more often, quality work. I'll let you fill in the blanks and come up with some clever pun about sun shining through despite a Dark Sky or something or you could just go read it.