What To Read (Right Now) XXXIV: Shallow

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Picking up on the legacy of other Arial-based (or is that Helvetica?) websites like Bear Parade and Muumuu House, Shallow is publishing hyper-modern poems and prose that elicit odd juxtapositions of contemporary living, morbid creatures and detached awareness. Due to this style and its mere existence, Shallow will most likely ignite a raging firestorm at HTML Giant if (and when) that site ever needs to update its 'most popular posts' section.

But let's get at some 'sample' Shallow posts:

There's Mallory Whitten's “Starfish” a poem and simple drawing of an overly enlarged crustacean.

Then there's Andrew James Weatherhead's “Washington, George” and a meditation on the “strategic planning” of the world.

Let's finish with “Three Poems” by Madison Langston, which is all about mental, then physical, then musical relocation.

Other prominent names affiliated with the above description of poetry and prose are there as well, including Timothy Willis Sanders, David Fishkind, Jordan Castro, Stephen Tully Dierks, Victoria Trott and others.

And Shallow is on blogspot with the name “Let's Call Our Band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.” Is it shallow to name your site after a verbal tic after a semi-successful band has named themselves after a verbal tic? Or is just honest to represent the culture the way that it actually appears? Zachary Whalen might know.