Aesop Rock's strip club anthem

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Aesop Rock

Aesop Rock is branching out even further from his underground roots with his contributions to Ace Norton's short film Dewana's Bridal. Aes Rizzle scored the film and wrote a strip club anthem called “Take A Titty Out,” which is dedicated to the art of flashing only one boobie. The movie, on the other hand, is not about solo flashing, although we've got a hunch that Selma Blair appears in the scene that features this track.

Available at Aes Rock's 900 Bats website, “Take A Titty Out” is devoid of esoteric wordplay – never thought we'd see the day. He does not use a single three syllable word and yet, we cannot deny the catchiness of Aesop's strip club anthem. In fact, we can imagine the creative struggle Aesop must have felt, deciding how many titties were the appropriate amount to request.

Does Aesop Rock want four titties?


No, that's too many titties for this track.

Does Aesop Rock want one titty?




Yeah, one titty is the mutton-chopped jabberwocky's bazooka pajamas!

Aesop Rock, “Take A Titty Out”