SHOCKING! We caught these 11 bands wearing white pants before Memorial Day (you won't believe No. 6)

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Cibo Mato

While we here at Impose are a loose and casual bunch, we take our fashion etiquette very seriously. And we've noticed bands getting so lax with one rule in particular, that we needed to say something about it. White pants before Memorial Day? Dear Lord, this takes all we hold dear and throws it into the fiery pits of Hell. Is there nothing more sacred than antiquated manors? Are you not proud to be an American? Did your grandparents not teach you right!? With such total disregard for the laws of fashion, we felt it was our duty to point out these winter faux pas and claim to the world that now, NOW it is ok to strap on those white pants or skirts and frolic in the sun. Happy Memorial Day.

destruction unit
Destruction Unit at Psychfest.

moon duo
Moon Duo at Psychfest.

Even on tour, white pants are not acceptable before Memorial Day.

kid sister
Kid Sister at Glasslands.

We told you No. 6 would be crazy. White ass cheeks are also not acceptable.

white magic
Young Magic at the McKittrick Hotel.

Habibi at Death By Audio.

kirin j callinan
Kirin J. Callinan at The Independent.

Even on television it is not OK.

When in Rome Tinariwen, when in Rome.