Bishop Briggs, “Pray (Empty Gun)”

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You know when you’re just in a mood? Perhaps you can’t exactly nail the exact mood down, but you’re just in a funk? Well, Bishop Briggs knows far and beyond how to get you out of that place. Her signature soulful vocals are lending themselves to an incredible new song that teeters on the cusp of heartbreak and badassery in independence. Her latest single for “Pray (Empty Gun)” is exactly what you need to mend that broken heart, fix that depressive mood, and move on.

This song is a fiery testament to respect and happiness in a relationship. The bass really gets your heart pumping, with staccato percussion to add to the intense emotions that course through your veins when you are – undoubtedly – singing this song at the top of your lungs. There is a bit of a bass drop to make this a much more danceable track, but once you get to the heart of the song, it’s a painful look at a very sensitive topic.

Bishop Briggs’ lyrics are touching in the most bittersweet way. “Truth is like a loaded gun / You don’t want to point that thing round here, make all of your skeletons appear / This is real life, and you believe in fictional / I don’t want to hurt your heart my dear, but if I gotta cut you, oh I will / Cuz I’ve given you damn near every chance to make it possible / Have it all but all you do is build a wall of fears and drown us in your tears.” Look at all of the heart wrenching truth she is spilling into that verse. And she hasn’t even gotten to the chorus yet!

This song serves as a reminder that life is not a practice round. A human being can only put up so many walls before they annihilate any chance they ever had at happiness within that relationship. This song reminds us that a relationship – be it platonic, romantic, or otherwise – involves two or more people. There has to be emotion felt and care given from every side. “Pray (Empty Gun)” reminds us that sometimes, life doesn’t pan out the way we may intend.

But if we’re really lucky, gorgeous, invigorating songs like this emerge like a phoenix from the ashes.