BKGD Audio, Fluid City

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Musty, underground, Skynet symphonies.


BKGD Audio comes from producer Alap Momin, who has a history in Berlin and NYC. Touring globally in the 1990s/2000s in his previous rap crew Dälek, Momin charted a handful of times. Picking up on warped club sensibilities through a wall of bass and hazed out FX, chopped vocals and staggered polyrhythms make a return in Fluid City.

Hypnotics within the densely arranged synth flirts with the raw power of punk and noise. Almost paralyzing in their intensity, the hissing electronics and interlocking elements chart a sound somewhere between house and hard noise.

This definitive step into the spotlight is a beautiful return for Momin, laying a long runway for what we hope are big plans in 2017.


“Fluid City” captures the sound of a club from 100 feet away. Its passivity is intentional, cutting through the noise with trance-worthy vocals.

“Avanguardia” is the auditory embodiment of automation, turning any listener into its own bot, commanding you through its contagious rhythm. At one point, it even seems like it would fit into a mechanical rendition of Bring It On

As a whole, Fluid City was impressively engaging. Dancing from the first song in the lineup, our appreciation follows suit. BKGD Audio is a taste that seems to take little time with which to become acquainted with.


You can purchase Fluid City on Bandcamp, and keep up with their news via Facebook.