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Bedroom Suck Records

If you’re at all like me, you spend the end of the year frantically searching your favorite labels (and their favorite labels) discography in case you missed something fantastic. With a radar set to Brisbane, Bedroom Suck (run by Slug Guts drummer Joe) has put out a series of incredible releases.

Here’s what’s good down under:

Bitch Prefect, Big Time LP

Hailing from Adelaide, this noisy trio features Scott O’Hara (The Weevils, Trust Radical Miracle,) three gentlemen specializing in awkward, low-fi pop. Easily likened to K Records, the lead single, “Bad Decisions,” follows a clear narrative, a repetitive chorus easy to relate to you: “Bad Decisions / Bad Life Decisions.” And according to the Internet, “Bitch Prefect” is not a play on the phrase “Pitch Perfect.” Guess you can’t win them all.

Hissey Miyake / Terrible Truths, Ghosts / Don Juan 7”

Vastly different from Bitch Prefect, this Hissey Miyake / Terrible Truths spilt rings truer to a cool NY no-wave, while drawing major influence from English ‘80s post-punk/disco. Both fronted by strong female vocalists, the sides compliment each other (but I will add this: Slit enthusiasts, check out the A-side first.)

Sarah Mary Chadwick, Eating for Two LP

Eating for Two is Sarah Mary Chadwick’s first solo record and easily the most heartbreaking on this list. A series of melancholic tracks, dabbling in a self-aware self-deprecation, Chadwick’s songwriting is slow and intimate, with songs consisting of little more than a delicate female voice and piano, sometimes replaced by electric guitar. The lyric “I am nearly perfect in my sorrow / But perfect for you I will never be,” speaks volumes.

Per Purpose, Warburton / Business 7”

Pre Purpose specialize in somewhat discordant guitars with anthemic vocals. With the addition of Sewers’ violinist Josh Watson, the Warburton 7” is bouncy, ferocious rock from down under at it’s finest.

Blank Realm, Go Easy LP

A band of siblings (and a self-described spiritual brother,) Brisbane’s Blank Realm operate meticulously in a realm between classic rock and post-punk, one that feels atmospherically messy, but conclude with incredible sharpness. Following last year’s single, “Falling Down the Stairs,” Blank Realm have released their latest full-length, Go Easy out now on Bedroom Suck and Slitbreeze.

Boomgates, Double Natural LP

Borrowing members of Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Dick Diver, Twerps and a few other Melbourne-based acts, Boomgates are somewhat of an Australian supergroup, and Double Natural is their finest achievement. Those searching for melody can look no further. It’s as if UV Race and The Clean had a baby; a beautiful baby.