Bummed Katy Perry's boobs got banned from Sesame Street

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katy perry sesame street cleavage

Fear not under-8 year old girl-likey demo, we have your interests in mind.

We all know to blame society and twitter and Snooki for funny feelings awakening in younger pre-teens every year, and that it's natural for them to no longer associate 'dress up' with bodice-covered Mormon princesses and cops who are not sexy. It's almost 2012, so when your six year old hears 'dress up', she knows it's time to pretend she's running to a Vegas chapel fifteen minutes after last call at Swinger's Club. Katy Perry knows that, too! So what's the big deal if Elmo's playing tag with some dollar store hooker? Isn't Sesame Street supposed to be “urban”?

If Sesame Street can't change with the times, we'll fill in. We will play dress up with you Katy Perry, and we promise to make our time together available to every blessed inch of your demographic.

This is our sacred promise.