CVS at Night, Screw Your Brains

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Screw Your Brains is the debut, full-length album from the talented and hilarious gang, CVS at Night. These New York legends have hit their stride with in-album gems like “Power Couple” , “Hit And Run”, and our best pick from the bunch, “Weeping Roses” could sit well with anyone as compelling and repeat worthy. Did we mention everyone is talking about CVS at Night on Twitter?

@_unKonVentional “Listen. Never go to that CVS at night. That is a daylight only street. Know too many folks been robbed over there.”
@katiedid1029 “With all of this clown shit going on I refuse to leave CVS at night without someone”
@grungedonuts “Funfact: going to CVS alone at 8 at night will only have creepy guys in pickup trucks follow you back to campus until ur Boyfriend comes out”
@rhageybabey45  “You know you’re a nerd when you go to CVS at 10:30 at night just to buy more highlighters “
‏@lokikittie “girl in Pajama pants buying Midol and M&Ms at CVS at 9:30 at night #RealisticCostumes”
CVS at Night can be found everywhere on Twitter. . .but especially here. Support them via Bandcamp.