Earl Sweatshirt is back

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So, yesterday, a Twitter account popped up under the name “EarlxSweat“. First it proclaimed “Home”, and then it said, through a YouTube video, that it would drop a new single after 50,000 people followed it. This happened quickly with some legitimizing, and the single was released to a URL called terttelefer.com. It of course has since been ripped. You can listen to it here and download below. It also appears that Tyler the Creator and Earl Sweatshirt are in some kind of a fight, having a spat. I bet they will make up soon, though. After all, they are teenagers.

Earl Sweatshirt, “Home”

Honestly, though, the antics of the Odd Future Crew (Frank Ocean, you are not included) got a little tiring. Shock value only goes so far; the music blogs moved on to Lana Del Rey and they will continue to move on to whatever nonsense shocks them next. Now that Earl Sweatshirt is back, should we take another look at Odd Future? Will they be able to release more music on par with the quality of their first works? We'll see; it looks promising.