George Takei sent me down a cow meme rabbit hole

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With the onslaught of Shark Week, it’s become a common theme for people to point out all of the animals that are more dangerous than sharks. According to the International Shark Attack File (ISAF), there were 495 fatal shark attacks reported between 1580 and 2013, or about 1.14 people per year. By that rate, literally every land animal is more lethal than even the worst Jaws of our nightmares. This is something George Takei doesn’t take lightly, and he made sure to let us know with one of his educational Facebook memes.

Cow Meme
The meme that started my downward spiral.

Of course, we now know that Takei was slightly off in his data, but his point remains valid: Shark Week has turned into the predatorial slut-shaming of modern television. And like most of his Facebook posts, it inspired those who follow him to respond in creative fashion. As this thread proves, some cow memes are better than others, and some cow memes make for better cheap clickbait articles (ahem!), but one thing is certain—George Takei is to blame for this.

My favorite.





Not really a meme, but still a classic.
Also not really a meme.