GIA shares “Heart Won’t Forget”, Briefly Dishes on Past

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Pop stunner GIA is back with a gnarly dance track titled “Heart Won’t Forget”, which she collaborated with Norwegian house producer Matoma on. It’s just in time for holiday party season, and serves as an exciting new chapter to her already quite attention-grabbing music pattern. Check it out below, then take a gander at the short interview we did with her, focusing on the song specifically.

What was the first record/song you remember listening to, and who introduced it to you?

Growing up my sister would always play rock music around the house, I remember her always playing Janis Joplin.

What made you decide to pursue music as a career?

I always knew I’d some how end up doing music.

“Heart Won’t Forget” is beautiful. How did you and Matoma get into cahoots for this?

“Heart Won’t Forget” is such a personal song for me. I had a rough demo of the song that I wasn’t able to finish. I always felt like something was missing. When Matoma heard it and got involved everything moved seamlessly. He really helped tie the whole song together. He was the missing part of the song the whole time so I’m glad our worlds were brought together for this.

Your voice is absolutely gorgeous. It’s emotional and powerful. But how did you choose which genre you wanted to work through with your art?

Thank you, I think the most difficult part was separating music I loved listening to and music that best suited my voice. But I started to realize I’ve always played the guitar growing up and that best compliments my vocals.

What songs – yours or others – are really making you feel great right now?

It would definitely have to be “Starboy” by The Weeknd. I love how he managed to create an extremely intelligent song while also using slang. Also, his use of metaphors really blew my mind. The song has a deep meaning that people might not pick up on at first listen.


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