Greg Fox launches series of benefit shows for Occupy Wall Street

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Unofficial Occupy Wall Street Logo by Eyebodega

Greg Fox, drummer of Liturgy (for one more minute) and Guardian Alien, mastermind behind GDFX, and one of Impose's favorite dudes, has been down at Occupy Wall Street every minute he could manage for the past month. He helped set up the kitchen that has been talked about in the New York Times, and Mark Ruffalo even gave him a hug one day. But now that it's all up and running he's working on a new project – getting the DIY music scene of Brooklyn more involved with the protest. To wit, he has begun what he promises is a series of shows to benefit the movement. This first one has a great line up, including the rarely seen late 1970's no-wave band The Notekillers It's a way to get involved without going to Zucotti Park.

Here's the listing:

Sunday, October 23rd at Shea Stadium
Sliding Scale Donation – All proceeds benefit Occupy Wall Street

Guardian Alien
Notekillers w/special guest Shelley Hirsch
Man Forever
Koen Holtkamp (Mountains)

Here's a link to the Facebook listing. We'll see you there.