Heeney, “New York City”

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Here’s what we know about Heeney:
1.) They are named after Sean Heaney, the (Brooklyn DIY venue) Shea Stadium co-founder (it’s a family, really,) and all around magic man. You know when old zines and punk oral histories refer to people who kept things in motion but weren’t necessarily in bands themselves? This is Heeney: the man.
2.) Some of the members of the band used to play in Newport Reds, a garage- influenced post-punk act.
3.) They have material recorded, a new single in the works. The only track online is entitled “New York City.”
4.) Earlier this week the band opened for the So So Glos’ record release party and, quite earnestly, blew everyone’s minds. The future of loud, power chord pop- influenced punk is here.

One minute, thirty-one seconds. The repetition of “I’m so pretty I’m from New York City.” A hometown anthem for a town that rarely feels like home—a place for nomads. This is Heeney’s reality, one about having fun with their friends. Sometimes, things don’t need to be more complicated than that.