Music's 2012 Resolutions

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In the hope of forging a more prosperous tomorrow, I, the Cult of Music and Youth, resolve to the following behavioral tenets at least until 2012's resolution. Not even fat staxxx or a Bentley will change my mind.


Respect the open share of music and information freedom as commodity, resource, and spirituality. Accept when an artist chooses which project streams how or sells where. Allow Lou Reed back into my life if just to keep an eye on where he wanders. Release “Occupy the Great Pacific Garbage Patch starring Metallica” onto mini disc.


Respect dedication and longevity and the benefit of learning in public. Accept mistakes. Consider LEEDs standards in production and distribution of my craft. Forgive the idea of reunions but internally kind of loathe their sapping my nostalgia. Use this pedal almost all the time.


Stop side-chaining every single mix to “make it breathe,” let Phil Spector rot in jail, try to forget the loudness wars, equate ease of portability with level of media’s worth: a record really does sound better. Buy music to save music.


Learn to live with it, accept the influence of Steve Reich into my heart. Close my eyes when I see a guitarist onstage methodically twisting a knob. Stop leaking albums; time breeds interest, respect breeds trust.


Exploit the potentials of audience, to both the maximum and minimum. Observe degrees of mass audience and individual voice. Reach herds to hear single notions. Learn the limits of the cloud and understand the function of not only construction but also collapse.


Leave them all alone. All of them. Give the one hobbit guy his space. Allow Vivica A. Fox her Krav Maga. Let Eddie Vedder enjoy that bagel. Don’t interrupt Lou Reed’s Tai chi. Blog life. Sad Keanu. Bow.