Four sheets to the wind in Le Mans


Le Lezard

Welcome to Man About Town, a tour blog by rapper PremRock. Not familiar with PremRock? Get familiar with his Mark's Wild Years album, a rap tribute to Tom Waits which he self-released as a free download last year. Currently on tour through Europe, PremRock will be sharing his travels for entertainment and for future travelers to learn of great ways to save on travel/touring and great ways to get faded overseas. Truth told, he'll probably teach you more about drinking, since he's titling each entry as “Four sheets to the wind in…”.

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Somehow I ended up flying on an Indian airline that services Delhi, Bombay and randomly Brussels. There I caught a connection to Paris. The in-flight meal was amazing authentic Indian fare and I had the choice between Mean Girls and The Godfather for the movie. A real no-brainer if you ask me, Tina Fey’s light-hearted coming- of-age romp pairs well with Airline Curry and an over-flight into the unknown. Flying strange and roundabout ways to save money is kind of my MO. I once flew from JFK to Moscow to Paris because it shaved $100 off the flight. Ah, the things we do because we’re fiscally a mess. My trips are never easy.

After the overnight flight I arrived in Paris and had to immediately catch a train for my show in Le Mans. I would be playing Le Lezard, a small bar in a beautiful city. I was greeted by my old friend Julien whom I have now done three shows in total with and was not at all worried about getting treated well as Julien had a crockpot filled with food ready, a fridge full of beer and a nice retreat with a shower, couch and the ever elusive wi-fi.

The show was fantastic, I would say the crowd maxed out at 60 or so kids but gottdamn did they bring the energy. I was exhausted after they chanted “One more!” for the 3rd time in a row and basically sweated through my shirt completely.

Afterward the bar owner, Olivier showed his collection of over 2 dozen Rums and me being the fine citizen I am, indulged, you know… to not be rude. After 7 or 8 of those, smokey bi-lingual cyphers and an argument about the existence of the Yeti (So right, he is real.) I finally retreated to my bed for the night and slept until 1:30. The next day Julien informed me I could get in a rideshare to Paris for only 10 euro. This is a big coup for the traveling artist as it saved me 30 euro. However, the journey was quite a difficult one as I had to catch a connecting train and got my ass massively lost on my way to meet the next group in Paris. Not to mention my luggage handle broke, making my mobility a bit difficult and thus becoming a frustrating ordeal. I ended up at the venue all things told by the time soundcheck was setting off, so technically I didn’t miss a beat. There I met my road dawgs for the UK leg of my trip, Dizraeli and DJ Downlow as we met for a fantastic complimentary dinner at a nearby restaurant.

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