Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, “Julie’s Place”

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One of the most promising breakthroughs this year was from Melbourne outfit with a band name that stands out from the indie rock rabble. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever work with unassuming jangle pop that has been woven into the music scene of Australia and New Zealand for decades. When their EP Talk TIght came out in March, their revealed many shades to their sound on those seven tracks, touching on pastoral chords and classic rock riffs that showed a confidence beyond their tenure. Talk TIght led to a label deal with Sub Pop and a new album due out in the spring.

“Julie’s Place” is the first new material from that album and it doesn’t miss a step. Describing the yearning for a drunken late evening tryst can often take either a humorous angle or maudlin tone. Neither occurs here as racing basslines chase the compelling rhythm round with taut excitement. Our protagonist is moving just as quickly in his head, stumbling through half-remembered moments as he frantically recalls an evening of indiscretion. It makes for a perfect introduction to Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, showcasing their flair for an indelible hook as well as promising potential for more undeniable tunes.

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