Spider Bags, “Papa Was a Shithead”

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Even in the age of online music proliferation, the ability to detect a band’s hometown based on solely on their sound is not impossibility. That only holds partially true for Spider Bags. The part-country, part-garage, wholly rock ‘n’ roll act could pass as hailing from any music town in Tennessee – and yet, they hold Chapel Hill, North Carolina as their home. If there’s one thing Chapel Hill has in common with, let’s say, Memphis, it’s a music town with more pride for the local than most. And who could blame them? Their state is the home of Merge Records.

Following their latest 12-inch, “Shake My Head,” on North Carolina label Odessa Records, Spider Bags are preparing to release a new 7-inch, “Papa Was a Shithead” next week on Sophomore Lounge Records and Tapes. The A-side, “Papa was a Shithead,” lasts little more than a minute – it's angry, fast, and undeniably melodic, Spider Bags has made the sound of daddy issues something communal. It also helps that the track was co-written by Matt Hoopengardner of Austin band The Golden Boys, who are signed to Gerard Cosloy’s 12XU Records. There’s power in numbers… and having talented friends.

The B-side is the largely folk-inspired “I Wish I Never Had Fed You,” a track that sounds like a forgotten Minutemen drinking song. Floating with a distinctly melancholic Americana, complete with pedal steel, “I Wish I Never Had Fed You,” has the ability to attract even those most adamantly opposed to anything marginally associated with the phrase “alt-country.”

Spider Bags’ “Papa Was a Shithead” b/w “I Wish I Never Had Fed You” drops August 28th on Sophomore Lounge Records and Tapes.

You can stream “Papa Was a Shithead” in our player below.