Spowder, “Pastry Changer”

Mike Mehalick

Although there are plenty of wild groups playing out regularly in the New York City scenes, there’s a particularly feral subsection of bands from New Jersey that pop up on bills and catch people totally off guard. New Brunswick-based swamp-rockers Spowder are currently leading that pack, immediately grabbing the attention of many including reigning Garden State guitar lord Marissa Paternoster of Screaming Females.

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Spowder recently unleashed their debut full-length, Health Palm, featuring fuzzy, incendiary, raw power punk stylings with unhinged lyrical poetry. Dip a toe into the Spowder black lagoon with “Pastry Changer,” as jet-engines-falling-from-the-sky riffs and riveting rhythms sink their claws right into you. Or, in the band’s own words:

“A ballad derived from the mean swamp town, delivered with great care to your households to commemorate the man who switches all the pastries to the freshest batches. The last offering Spowder had to give to the almighty Health Palm.”

Spowder’s Health Palm is available via Sniffling Indie Kids and out soon on vinyl from State Champion Records.

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