Suspect's debut for free download

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While the entire universe seems to be focusing on the last 12 months of music, it’s important to remember that if the end of the world is nigh, thank god some labels are still putting out music with a true “fuck it all” spirit. Enter Suspect, the new California-based hardcore act.

An incestuous lineup to boot—members of Knife Fight (Nick Townsend who recorded the demo,) Tear It Up, Find Him and Kill Him, Deep Sleep and three members of Kent State, Suspect is a powerhouse. The band is Paranoid Futures owner/operator Nick Vance’s most aggressive work to date, hopefully a sign of more to come.

The entire demo exists with incredible intensity, never once slowing or choking under its own ferocity. There are moments that ring true to the sound of the project Suspect’s members make up (a few feel oddly similar to the ‘80s SST sound of Vance’s Deep Sleep) while maintaining an energy so much more than the sum of their parts.

According to their website, they have eight songs recorded, six of which appear here; expect a tape out early next year on Paranoid Futures. In the meantime, you can download the demo CS for free.

Most Paranoid Futures artists have recordings available for free download, so have at it! If we’re all going to die this month, might as well end it with an exclamation point.