The Best Music of September 2013

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World's Fair

Given the number of words our fellow journos dedicated to Drakethis, Drakethat this month, one might get the impression it was Rap Game Nap Time in September. Rather than monitor blogger peers to dogear trends to bandwagon, we did our usual—we let our taste guide us through the muck. Our September list reads like one big ICYMIBYRSSFWCBD (In Case You Missed It Because Your RSS Feed Was Clogged By Drake), and hopefully it will continue to be that way until the second installment of Taking Care of Drake arrives, our one and only dalliance in the art of Drake pandering. Until then, you have us to turn to in times of despair, and when you're looking to cleanse your palette, look no further. We got you, b.

The Best Album of September 2013

World's Fair, Bastards of the Party (Fool's Gold)

The group’s debut, Bastards Of The Party, explores the frustrations and reactions that come with being from Queens in a metropolis that treats Brooklyn as the epicenter of culture. It rekindles the Infamous of Queens with World’s Fair in the role of party crashers refusing to allow guff directed towards their locale.

From the opening skit, pre-gaming ends and the album settles into two stories. The first story is about the night in particular, glamorizing World's Fair as a posse of the Beastie Boys circa the “Fight For Your Right To Party” caliber. The second story is about a brotherhood that formed in Queens with the Unisphere on a crest, patched to shoulders that carry a chip. B.O.T.P. is ripe with chant-worthy hooks that aim to raise hell, but focus on the verses of COTN, Prince SAMO, Jeff Donna, and Cody B. Ware and it's a crew of friends who feel they have something to prove.

The Best Music of September 2013 (in no particular order):