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In the wake of the CMJ overload, we caught up on our correspondences, stomached a third round of polemic clap trap from our dualling plutocrats, while watching the Giants' Zito, Sandoval and company riding into the World Series on fuggin' unicorns. There has been news of Lil Wayne suffering a 'seizure' on his private jet that made an emergency landing in Texas, ex-Girls frontman Chris Owens released the solo track “Here We Go” with the anouncement of a solo album in January, Rod Stewart reminiscing over old anal cocaine habits, Vladimir Putin claiming to have saved Pussy Riot from 'housework' by throwing them in the gulag, and it was revealed that Courtney Love is making a Broadway musical based around the life and music of Kurt Cobain. A thousand things could be said in response, but we save our breath to bring you the following array of awesome-in no particular order.

The Casket Girls get “Heartless” with the latest single from their forthcoming debut Sleepwalking coming November 6 on Graveface Records. This project of Ryan Graveface from Black Moth Super Rainbow, Dreamend, Marshmallow Ghosts presents a wired cemetary happening that bounces between the tragic-break-up-magic of the title single “Sleepwalking” to the timeless dance from the loveless discotheque of today's listening, “Heartless”. The talents from Savannah, Georgia are sisters Elsa and Phaedra Greene who promise long romantic walks into the darkness while scrutinizing the lack of heart and care needed the most in the thick of the darkest night. Catch the Greene sisters supporting BMSR and The Faint on tour this Fall through Winter.

San Francisco's Evil Eyes recently dropped the single, “Keep Your Mind on Me” that has been stirring buzz from California, to Portland and back East. We reached out to Greg Mabry and Joe Fabrotta on the new single and they described it as, “we feel like it's a natural progression of our sound – nostalgic, a little dark, and hooky. It has more synth and 12-string guitar on it (which we will definitely be using moving forward). We've heard comments that it's the perfect soundtrack to a midnight drive… which we're totally cool with. This is our third release in 2012, and we're getting ready to record our debut full-length set for an early 2013 release.”

Greg's vocals glide like the guitars that stream down the mind channels of slip streams followed by Joe's strings and keys that contribute to the track's obsessive dance pulses. These are further punctuated by Aleks Bars bass control while Angelica Rockne keeps all things enchanted and illuminated; even in the darker corners of the song's clandestine club of it's own design. Get Keep Your Mind On Me now from Eye in the Sky Records.

Austin, Texas's Western Tink teamed up with NYC producer Blizzed Out for the cut “TX Vampires (Mobbstyle)” built off a sample of an LA Vampires and Zola Jesus song called “Bone is Bloodstone.” For the video, Blizzed captures Main Attrakionz MondreMAN and Squadda B kicking it with Tink and Feebzz in a post-industrial Brooklyn. Bright lights and urban blight keep things balling in the mix as Western spells out Mephistophelean tales of a vampirical industry in the syrup swirl of this ATX by NYC collaboration. “Labels got they cheques out to my buy my soul, I tell them that shit ain't for sell, I got some dope songs though.” Keep your attention piqued for the upcoming Wetern Tink and Beautiful Lou collaborative LP Mobbin No Sobbin coming soon.

Naomi Punk is the grunge and grind project of Travis Coster, Neil Gregerson, and Nicolas Luempert that saw the release of LP The Feeling earlier this year on Couple Skate Records, now slated for wide release November 20 from Captured Tracks. It's the Seattle you thought you left behind somewhere in the armoire drawers after repeated red and white lumber jack checkered flannel fashion faux pas.

John Talabot presents Bullion's keyboard and drum resequencing and wiring of “Destiny” off ƒin Remixes Vol. 1 which comes out today, October 26 from Permanent Vacation. Listen also to renditions from Pachanga Boys with their Purple Remix of “When The Past Was Present” and Kenton Slash Demon's remix of “Last Land“. Bullion sets up shop with an arsenal of MIDI selections sequenced like a history of the synthesizer compounded in a remix that runs 3 minutes and 3 seconds time.

Tweak Bird dropped “The Weight” video featuring that loud racket from the terrible twosome who can make you lose that promised security deposit return from one listen alone. Look for Tweak Bird's new album Undercover Crops available now from Volcom Entertainment.

Blu & Exile bring visuals courtesy from Jerome D's direction for “Maybe One Day” featuring Black Spade. The video kicks things coast side with old school reflection of piano keys that highlight both memories and great lines like Blu spilling it like, “Trying to get a free piece of these dreams we sell to these fiends, in jail to things, bling bling sour cream on top of everything, that you would never think that you would need sour cream, I don't know how I'm lean because I love sour cream…” Find this track off B&E's album Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them available now on both digital and limited edition 10″ vinyl from Dirty Science.

Angel Olsen will be touring North America through January 2013 supporting her recent album release on Bathetic Records with Halfway Home. Today we bring you her single “The Waiting” that goes through the wants of being the one to love the best way with the lyrical demands of growing immediacy like, “But now I'm foolishly waiting for, someone not thinking before they start rushing to my door, someone to run not walk, oh someone to sing not talk, oh no hesitation at all, some kind, I need you to be the one to come, I need you to be the one (repeat x 3).”

Chromatics released an edited draft of the song “Looking for Love” and from what we are told is runs some 17 minutes long when uncut. Perhaps their 15 minute plus epic “Tick of the Lock” needed some company. Brought to you by Johnny Jewel and the Portland powerhouse at Italians Do it Better off the future album After Dark II coming soon.

Craft Spells performed “Love Well Spent” at the Room 205 Live showcase at MusicFest NW. The Stockton by Portland group taps into their favorite post-punk moments while emulating their budding and brooding vocals that never get old with the emotion ringing, and well spent guitars driving the band's sentimental action.

Detroit's Child Bite are about to take off on their Fall US Tour and they will be performing at San Francisco's Thee Parkside on November 10 with the New Trust and will also be performing in Oakland on November 9 at The Night Light with time, price, and support TBA. Listen to their album Monomania here.

Then we got a listen to Parquet Courts new song “Borrowed Time” off their new record, Light Up Gold that is sure to get you off your seats and living on your own time and no one elses so help you. Get Parquet Courts Light Up Gold now from Dull Tools.

Billow Observatory casts a beacon of light on their roaming droner “Pankalia”. The noise of ascending slow motion smoke pillows comes courtesy of Jonas 'Manual' Munk, a producer from Denmark who works with Auburn Lull guitarist Jason Kolb to create the digitally enhanced ambiant works that have consumed the better part of Manual's focuses in the past decade. Processing instruments to sound like undisturbed natural settings is the raison d'être of Billow Observatory's self-titled coming out December 4 from Felte.

Enter Vinyl Williams, aka Lionel Williams' “Higher Worlds”, featuring both handmade analogous video distortions and sound that he describes as:

“Gold emanation, you want it all today, design the happening of, you want it all today, the permanence of, you want it all today, the world, the one that we love, you want it all today, the higher worlds, gold emanation, necessary for the right time, now this moment is a portal, madness intervened, the last moon, walking over, under sand dunes, a hermetic focus of delight, so it seems, particles of light, enveloping sanity, the conduit of beings”

“Higher Worlds” is off of Vinyl Williams' debut LP Lemniscate available November 12 from No Pain In Pop (EU) and Williams's own imprint Salonislam stateside.

Social Studies are going “Away For The Weekend” with their new big single that presents the quintet in the sound of headline ampitheatre stages beneath a sky of reds, oranges and yellows on a Saturday at sunset. As the weekend forward chorus marches forth, the urban-tribal percussive stomps of drum clasps open the song to thunderous dimensions highlighting the contributions from engineer and co-producer Eli Crews whose handiwork presents Natalia, Michael, Jesse, Tom, and Ben as the group that caughter our ears and hearts from festivals past. The long wait for Social Studies's album Developer ends November 13 with release from Antenna Farm Records.

Childhood drops the party-at-the-laundromat video for “Blue Velvet”. With direction from Fred Ellis and cinematography from Nick Whiting, they capture the London duo of Leo Dobson and Ben Romans-Hopcraft in the most mental dream rock and rave you always wanted to attend but instead spent that lost weekend counting the time lost whilst grounded in your room. Childhood's album Blue Velvet drops November 19 from House Anxiety Records.

Brooklyn trio dudes Nude Beach just relesed their LP II this past Tuesday from the Other Music Recording Co. and we have the Tom Scharpling directed video for “Some Kinda Love”. Scharpling's direction allows you to really get to know the band on an intimate, tour grip kind of way. You get to meet Chuck who sings and plays guitar, Jimmy who plays bass and Dan who is the drummer. Get the whole story from the the band's love of pizza, schoolmate beginnings, what their day jobs are, everything and more, and then some, all from the department of too much information.

DaVinci brings another Block Beattaz track to the table with the cut “Nothin Finna Stop Me” on the forthcoming album The MOEna Lisa dropping November 6 from SWTBRDS. The Alabama production team of the Beattaz helps DaVinci rep the Fillmore forever providing some viscous synth base with some horns that will inspire anyone in the game to rep the neighborhood without letting gentrification distract or stop you.

ST 2 Lettaz also joins DaVinci for “Get Her High” with trippy syrup elevator chime production from Lunice. Choice lyric has to be the aftermath of smoking out with rich gal living high on daddy's credit card while “trying to get that smell out of her daddy's Benz.” Remember, The MOEna Lisa gets released November 6 from SWTBRDS!

PVT remixed Menomena's “Plumage” as their tour together wraps up. Here they combined the force of their electric gadgetries to make something we can nod our head along to shake a peacock feather. Look for details on PVT's upcoming Homosapien from Create/Control and Felte in the weeks to come.

And we have Out of Town Films exploring PVT's usage of apps in this rendition of “Nightfall” via iPads. Technology man.

Jack Davey has been working on her three-part EP project L0-F! and having dropped Side A, she prepares to release Side B November 6 and we got the preview on how deep this shit gets with “Shit Gets Deep” off the forthcoming disc.

ERAAS remixed their single “Briar Path” with now even more atmospheres and the sound of claustrophobia captured on tape. Their self-titled release is out now from Felte and we also invite you to listen further to the Brooklyn synthesists with their single “At Heart“.

Dean Blunt of Hype Williams is preparing for the release of a remastered and re-mixed version The Narcissist II and dropped the video for “The Narcissist (feat Inga Copeland)” providing with those lonely city sprawls to help lull us into winter. The Narcissist II comes out November 26 on World Music/Hippos In Tanks November 26 limited edition pressing on 180g vinyl and digital.

The new Deerhoof 7″ split is out now out now with Half Waif Proceeds of the digital proceeds from the release of LAMC #4 go to the Ariel Panero Memorial Fund at VH1 Save the Music who are a non-profit commited to bring back education to America's classrooms. Listen to the new Deerhoof cut now and also listen to our premiere of the Half Waif B-side “Black Mountains“, and we got the Deerhoof A-side “Sexy, But Sparkly” following this paragraph.

Fatima Al Qadiri released her Desert Strike EP this week from Fade to Mind. Where to us stateside we remember Gulf from the images of Bush Sr., Schwarzkopf and 16-bit Sega images on television tubes; Fatima experienced it firsthand from a childhood in Kuwait and subsequent fascinations of 90s console games, namely the one her EP takes its title from. Listen now to the sound of a war re-imagined from memory put to what could be an installation piece as soundtrack to a new, imagined video game inspired by current international tides.

FISHING spring the B-side “White Sheet Beach”, bringing rising synth scales fresh from their Choy Lin 7″ release from Waaga Records. Continuing the never ending musical trajectory of songs inspired by the seas, the Aussie duo keeps the tradition evolving, glowing, and growing.

In the major leagues of the hip-hop game there has to be a turf warrior to keep heads ringing and empires in motion. So with the release of Stevie Stone's Momentum EP from Strange Music Inc. and we give you the video for the title track to help bring you something to rage to for the weekend.

Emil & Friends saw the release of the Royal Oats EP this week from Kistuné along with the following video for “Internal Affairs” involving bright, jagged edges bringing everyone together. So join E and the gang and sow your royal oats proper now.

We got the first leak leak from Richmond's rising emcee Iamsu!'s upcoming $uzy 6 $peed mixtape with “Mobbin”. Fresh off the re-release of KILT, Su! keeps the 808s slapping with a new anthem for the Bay on how to both roll deep, get bread and make every dream happen while mobbing with or without crew. The new Iamsu! mixtape $uzy 6 $peed drops November 10 from Livemixtapes and Pink Dolphin, courtesy of the Invasion and the HBK Gang.

Kuhrye-oo is keeping the floors fresh and on fire with the release of his Give In (ForThe Fame) Remixes available as of this week from UNO and we bring you the remixes from DJ Sliink and d'Eon to give new takes on giving in (but never giving up for the fame). First up is DJ Sliink bringing the Jersey Club beat to your boombox in this new Harlem style shuffle up.

d'Eon who has been been dazzling with his recent works from Hippos in Tanks and here with what people are already talking being the artist's signature 'Kallisti' sound in his remix of “Give in For the Fame.” Kuhrye-oo plays Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery November 5 with Slava, Rush Midnight, and Prism House.

Sinkane released their album Mars on DFA and added some wah-wah pedal action to the party with the video for “Runnin'” The Philip Di Fiore directed video gets the band involved in a thick post-assasination attempt coup that sends things reeling in the unfolding intensity of a revolution unfolding in red, black and white.

Farewell Republic dropped in with their new single “Bloomberg”, the opening track from their upcoming second LP Young Effete Titans of Industry due in early 2013. Their follow up to this year's Burn the Boats signals a shift in the Brooklyn's band's sound where the dream vocals are met with an electric menace of programmed drums, the guitar tremelo waves fed into sand blasters that take on the attitude of republic take down mode. With the loaded single title of “Bloomberg” alluding to the fiscal media and political empire of the referenced surname; Sivan rises to the occaision with taunts of “let's get big”, “let's get beautiful and old”, and “let's get high” while taking the sonic directions into noises both new, experimental, exciting and adventurous.

Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson dropped some Detroit reality tales with their new track “Truth Be Told”. Simpson cuts through the lies of emcees with the backdrop of an ailing Motor City while Brown's classic dramatic production style spins as the duo brings a helping of realness and truth, championing “the change that starts with you”. Apollo and Guilty will release Dice Game November 13 from the Mello Music Group.

Found out that Soft Riot's No Longer Stranger will be re-released on Volar Records in vinyl format. Blowing out speakers last year from Panospria Records on digital alone, Volar has added on two additional tracks with the first 150 pressings on green vinyl with digital options available as well. Get into the synth world vibes that undulate and bump both across the post-apocalyptic astral plane and sublime VHS memories, with “Holding Cash in Fields of Ash”. Pre-order now from the good people at Volar Records.

This week saw the official leak of Prince Rama channeling Hyparxia for the “Welcome To The Now Age” track channels a slow ragga psych in the form of a generation now manifesto. The sisters Taraka and Nimai Larson create a fictitious computer generated band in what they describe as being formed from following process: “Combed from decades worth of soft rock albums and refined through countless polls of what people denoted as “pleasant listening”, Hyparxia was created as an effort to translate utopia into music; that is, a band comprised of all harmony (no dissonance), and only pleasing combinations of frequencies and tones. The utopian dream ended when the computer crashed in the Great Collapse of 2012.” Prince Rama's Top Ten Hits of the End of the World comes out November 6 from Paw Tracks. Welcome to the eternity.

Gobby brings us a 5 track whistle wetter for the upcoming Above Ground full length descending from a DayGlow dove from UNO, October 29. Where to begin when you have oddball nuclear confessionals like “I Smoke and Drink” that gets all kinds of noise makers involved, and “Theme for Money Go Deli” stirs up a passion that we all have inside of us for that special love reserved for your neighborhood, corner store deli. Once again Gobby has made our week and changing the rules of electro as we have known them until now.

Steve Bug's video for “Moment Of Ease” featuring vocal stylings from Emilie Chick while wandering about Paris accompanied by those classic house grooves in motion, courtesy of Mr. Bug. Steve's album Noir is available now from Poker Flat Recordings.

Martin Eden of Eluvium's video for “Versions” is directed by Peter Luckner and presents a variety of sketches from explorations of the geodesic designs to versions of world harmonies and more drawings to inspire one to dust off the old sketchbook. The debut Martin Eden debut LP Dedicate Function is available now from Lefse Records.

TEEN's “Electric” gets even further electrified with the following DJ Japanster remix that sends more prominent beats surging throughout. TEEN's In Limbo is out now from Carpark Records. Catch their closing US tour show at the Bowery Ballroom November 2 with Hospitality.

Get a first listen to Sharon Van Etten's rough but beautiful recording of the “Tell Me (Demo)” off the forthcoming deluxe edition of Tramp available November 13 from Jagjaguar.

Boston's The Hush Now released the following single, “The Flapper” just in time for halloween. Adam, Barry, Jon, Pat and Noel take their Mephistophelian tendencies to Mad Oak Studio where assistance from Benny Grotto brings Doctor Faustus -level high drama with some wondrous guitar skank curios to the crossroads. Listen to more from the Hush Now on their Bandcamp.

As we begin to wrap up the week, get a listen to the lush orchestration of Devotchka's “Along the Way” from the forthcoming album DeVotchKa Live with the Colorado Symphony to be expected November 13 from Cicero Recordings LTD.

Meet The History of Apple Pie. Here is what we know so far, Joshua Third of the Horrors engineered, mixed by Charles Reeves and is self-produced by Jerome Watson. We are talking about the sweet syrup of nocturnal music mapped in genome and created with the utmost efficiency. After being recorded in London, The History of Apple Pie debut LP Out Of View will come out January 28, 2013 in the UK and January 29 in the US from Marshall Teller Records.

Woods and Widowspeak join touring forces this Fall on a little U.S. tour. Dates are as follows.

26 Memphis, TN, Hi Tone
29 Charleston, SC, Charleston Pour House
30 Asheville, NC, Grey Eagle
31 Durham, NC, Duke Coffeehouse
1 Richmond, VA, Strange Matter
2 Washington, DC, Red Palace
3 New York, NY, Music Hall of Williamsburg with Purling Hiss

Get some “Cali in a Cup” west coasts vibes with the Adarsha Benjamin video for the single off of Woods' new album Bend Beyond, out now on Woodsist.

Jeans Wilder prepares to embark on his west coast tour in support of the album Totally out now from Everloving. Check the above dates for details and support.