The Silver Tongues, The Silver Tongues

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The Silver Tongues are a lucid rock band that now calls Brooklyn home. Collective pasts filled with band-to-band work, lead man Sean Liljequist only began writing songs in late 2011, while he was still in San Diego.
When Sean moved to Brooklyn, the pairing of him up with Craigslist-roommate-for-hire Noah Barker was a new beginning. The two even began churning out demo tapes shortly after. One more year later, in 2015, drummer Justin Heaverin joined up just in time to begin work on The Silver Tongues, which was released just over 2 weeks ago.


“Clear” [3:00] swims right around the mid-fi range, playing off just enough focus on the vocals to cut through the noise — which by itself, didn’t even need to be cut through in the first place. Just past the 2 minute mark, you get treated to a largely unfiltered sample of the vocals, before a deep dive into The Silver Tongue’s messy, beautiful racket.
“Young Wizards” [3:17] tracks on a slower pace that lets you dig a little further into the detail of the group’s creation. In what amounts to a fairly satisfying build, the closing sentiments of Liljequist and Barker sit really well.
“People Fading” [3:36] is arguably the most accessible song off their new record. At first, it’s easy to read into a bit of Foo Fighter gone “Hotel California”, but if any track were to capture what my understanding of The Silver Tongues’ sound is, “People Fading” would be it. There’s a little bit of everything, and it’s ever so delightful to be drawn into their channeling of past influences.
The Silver Tongues is a fantastic record, and undoubtedly worth the addition to the top of your playlists. We didn’t cover all the gems on the album, as “Swimming” and “Take Me There” stood out plenty by themselves. But we’ve listened and think the band’s first full length release is more than just on the right track. 4.5/5.


The Silver Tongues was released on January 25th, 2017, and you can grab it on Bandcamp. To ensure you don’t miss any news, you can keep an eye on their Facebook.