To War in Warthog

Maria Sherman

A live shot, in the darkness.

Warthog (featuring Chris Hansell, formerly of the Men, and members of Nomos, Creem, Nude Beach and Dawn of Humans) have recently released the “Chain Wallet Demo,” a five song, six minute wall of unrelenting artillery fire. With a name that stems from war they have managed to incorporate sonically, Warthog are anything but delicate. Tracks like “M.F.S. (My Final Solution)” and “Shit” leave little up to the imagination, and with good reason: this band strikes as much as they explode.

I've only seen the band once before and under the name “Chain Wallet” (which to this day I will argue is the best band name of all time, second to maybe “Sad Boys.”) with Hoax, Veins and Raw Nerve at 538 Johnson before seeing Warthog make their Northside Festival debut at the Sacred Bones showcase Sunday. Playing with bands of a very different genre (Amen Dunes, Crystal Stilts) the band managed to command the venue and it's traditionally indie rock patrons, shocking them, and in effect, winning them over.

If this “Chain Wallet” demo serves as any indication of the band's future, it's looking pretty fucking bright.

Download the demo here and catch them with Deformity and Smart Cops at Crazy Spirit's European tour kickoff show Monday, July 2nd at the Acheron.

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