Week in Pop: Daddy, Mike Sempert, VA Violet

Sjimon Gompers

The incredible, expansive & introspective bedroom pop world of VA Violet; photographed by Oksun Kitagawa.

Dream Wife

Shattering the archaic lenses of convention with Dream Wife; photographed by Hollie Fernando.

London by way of Iceland’s Dream Wife announced their upcoming EP 12″ and resurrected the specter of the speedy L7 90s with the visceral & expressive “Let’s Make Out”. Crumbling up the folderol of what remains from the obsolete 1950s nuclear family construct, Dream Wife smashes your dreams of patriarchal pretenses for desires & visions that are far beyond the binary b.s.

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Formed by Alice, Bella & Rakel during their time at uni in Brighton, “Let’s Make Out” is a tour de force that reasserts a right for women & non-binary identifying people to enjoy the thrills of a healthy make out session with a special somebody. With an endless arsenal of blazing guitar tones, Dream Wife bring the thrills of enjoying the company of a favorite loved one in terms of physical affection that feels like a forgotten shared joy in our increasingly cold & hostile international climate. The trio slams down the epithets of slut shamers & their ilk by moving the conversation forward to true, respectful human empowerment no matter who you are. Dream Wife have arrived to update the antiquated world of backwards thought with urgent sounds & messages of now that sends out an assertive & affectionate message to once again embrace both loved ones while living ourselves at the same time.

Exclusive thoughts from Dream Wife; photographed by Hollie Fernando.

Dream Wife penned us the following exclusive & insightful piece titled:


Our track Let’s Make out is a lighthearted celebration of sexuality. Women are and have a right to be sexual beings. There is no shame in that.

Making out and taking control is an empowering thing for women to EMBRACE AND CELEBRATE.

Owning it.
Enjoying it.

Whoever you want to make out with is great; your partner, a cute boy, a cute girl a cute non-binary person, your best friend.

It is very important to remember; making out with someone DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM.

Have fun, look after each other and for fucks sake stop slut shaming people.

Us Wives see LMO as being empowering to women and flipping the script on outdated expectations put upon female identifying people.

We want to change people’s minds about just what a woman is, just what a women can do, and just what a woman can be.

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