Year in Pop: 2017

A selection of compiled interviews, insights & editorials from 2017’s Week in Pop features.

Week in Pop: Daddy, Mike Sempert, VA Violet

Adam Lempel, Air Max ’97 x Saturn Rising, Cameron Blake, guest selections by Armand Hammer.

Watch Dan Deacon play a MIDI-controlled church organ

Wham City visits a holy place.

Weekends, Sexgender, Wildhoney and Big Mouth at The Crown

Checking out four Baltimore bands in, you guessed it, Baltimore.

NAVVI, “Weekends”

Long-haired, black-and-white electropop with a shiny edge.

Scapescape 2013: Friday Report

Baltimore's Scapescape festival returned for its third year on 8/30.

Weekends' New Humans rises from the ashes

The Baltimore record that survived the Open Space studio fire.

Adam Lempel & The Heartbeats, “Echo”

Pleased to discover a lost CD-R is now a limited edition cassette.

Black Pus at Metro Gallery

Black Pus and friends (?) in Baltimore!

pacificUV, “American Lovers”

A lot can change in 15 years.

Austin Imposition: Friday Night

Kicking up shit with Diarrhea Planet, Nu Sensae, Destruction Unit, Naomi Punk, and more.

Night 2: Destruction Unit, Nu Sensae, Roomrunner, Diarrhea Planet and more

The second night of our Austin Imposition was real loud. And awesome.

The People of SXSW 2013

Portraits of some of the people we came across while in Austin for SXSW 2013.

Weekends, Acoustic Tape Vol.1

The Baltimore duo compiles acoustic versions of songs written in the past four years.

Weekends, Woodsman, Wing Dam and Mr. Moccasin at Current Gallery

An outdoor show in Baltimore with Weekends, Woodsman, Wing Dam & Mr. Moccasin


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