Week in Pop: CCERULEANN, Dinowalrus, Hilly Eye, Nocando

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On a good one.

This election week we partied vicariously with Diane Sawyer on a good one while watching Karl Rove meltdown over post-hoc precinct voting results minutiae. As America moves forward, Tame ImpalaFeels Like We Only Go Backwards“, Frank Ocean is supposed to soundtrack an upcoming episode of “Gossip Girl”, the alleged new forthcoming My Bloody Valentine album is according to some “stranger than Loveless” and could very well be out before 2013, Jermaine Jackson is now Jermaine Jacksun and Bob Dylan posted his first Facebook status this week with, “…Don't believe the media. I think it's going to be a landslide”, while Washington and Colorado have voted to go green and legalized. With big things afoot, we move onward and turn the volume up to 12 as we enjoy what made this hectic worthwhile in no particular order.

In further news from Denver's Holy Underground Music Collective is the buzz surrounding CCERULEANN's self-titled 6-song debut that contains an electronic rumble from beyond those blue rocky mountains that has us looking toward the land of the Broncos with intrigue. CCERULEANN is made up of the vocals of Marilyn Baker with her brother Elliott's production from the family room and into the siblings' reign over the towering “CCERULEANN skies”. Like many of us looking back to the season of the sun, Elliott and Marilyn bring back the big melting synths and bell key lining of “Summer Nights”, catching the ephemeral breeze of unpredictable weather patterns of “Future Winds”, the dance dialogues of “It's Whenever”, autumn showers sequenced on “In the Rain”, and the barrel drum dance, dance distortions on “Hearts Stop”. Act now, as the CCERULEANN self-titled EP is available now from HUG Records.

In recent dialogues with Dinowalrus's Pete Feigenbaum revealed a 'between albums single' with the “House Divided” from their yet-to-be-titled third record follow up this year's critically acclaimed Best Behavior from Old Flame. Bringing eons worth of equipment, amps, drum kits and machines; these psych riding rockers present a manner of dance leaning motions designed by intricate hedonistic restraints. This is where the drum beats hit against snarling guitars that blare along the electric plane that mixes psychotic fits of evil heat that encourage you not to fight it, but rather feel it. We dare you to slip inside this house; don't pass this debut by.

Word has it on good authorities that Amy Klein has left her guitar and violen post at Titus Andronicus for some big things in Hilly Eye, where both she and Catherine Tung on drums are preparing a new album. Following up 2010's Fireworks EP and the Jacob's Ladder 7″, Klein and Tung will release their debut LP Reasons to Live January 22 from Don Giovanni Records and give a mesmerizing listen with the single “Amnesia” that chants; “My eyes have seen you, my ears have heard you, my mouth has tasted you and I will not erase you…” into a blaze of glory. Catch Hilly Eye in Brooklyn November 30 at Saint Vitus with Waxahatchee, and Corita. (above photo courtesy of Tom Tom Mag)

Nocando has officially made our week incredible with his video for “Where's the Money” directed by Forest and John Casey. From the money laundering allusion with washing change in the sink like they were dishes, and one-upping Keith Richards by tossing old school televisions into dry ravines. Buy the single here from iTunes, and answer Nocando on the where abouts of his prizes in the following audio, visual and verbal shake down. We also congratulate the LA MC for topping our weekly list twice in a little over a month's time with the following highlight of the week, and maybe all year.

San Francisco's Push The Feeling returns tonight, November 9 at Underground SF featuring performances from Thrill Jockey's LA luminaries High Places and rising dance enthusiasts Shock who celebrate the official release of their Heaven 12″ from Voltaire Records. Hop a 22 Muni and kickback to sets from YR SKULL and epicsauce DJs in the Lower Haight. Cover is $5 bones, free before 10 and you can RSVP via Facebook or Do415.

San Jose by LA songwriter, poet, writer and singer Melissa Ann Sweat is Lady Lazarus bringing us her sparse, accordion/vox harmonix. Following up last year's debut album Mantic, Lazarus prepares All My Love In Half Light set for release next year January 29 with more sentimental pop minimalism to dream on. On “Lapsarian” you find yourself between the squeezebox's breaths and Sweat's time bending lyrical antinomies of “lovers before, lovers before we were lovers” and glimpses of the outer surfaces of the internal back and forth that occurs in those relationships on the verge of taking the next step.

Meet Renny Wilson from Edmonton, Alberta who deals in the arts of snazzy reconstructions steeped in songwriting and keyboard constructions of the new herd of the new, new romantics. Here with the Mike Robertson directed video for “Could've It Been Me?” we see Renny sporting his best rebel Canadian suit, rips himself a hip midriff, go cruising for hot dogs, pizza, bros, brews, smokes grits and hangs with his pooch. Renny Wilson's album Sugarglider comes out January 22 from Mint Records.

We got a listen to Vondelpark's excellent Bram Stoker smoke rise vibes with “Dracula” off of the Seabed LP coming in February of 2013 on R&S Records.

Ethereal and the Queer Show present the VHS tape distortions of 80s futurism in the video for their title track, “Cosmotopia” from the album of the same name out now from Pour Le Courps.

We bring you Toro y Moi's own remix of his new Record Store Day single, “So Many Details” that features an appearance from OF strong arm, Hodgy Beats. Find this single on Toro's forthcoming third LP, Anything In Return dropping January 22 from Carpark.

Wild International's Lake Tones EP is set to come out December 18 and they bring you a sample of their raucous energy with “Young Wayfarer” and “Creeks” which build out of jams, primal yelps and summons of the rising tides.

And in case you missed it, here is Wild International's “Creeks” which floats like a tube ride down a stream of “oohhhhhs”.

Field Mouse gave us a listen to their cover of Julee Cruise's vocal rendition of the Twin Peaks theme, “Falling”. Listen to how ahead of their time Lynch, Badalamenti, Cruise and company were as the Brooklyn duo gives an update tribute to the mysterious land were the owls are not what they seem. Field Mouse's How Do You Know 7″ is out now from Lefse.

Tune into a drum phased rendition of Field Mouse's cover of “Falling” from Mister Lies. Dig the intro where the Man From Another Place's vocals of, “Where we're from the birds sing a pretty song, and there is always music in the air”, slowed down.

Then next month, Sun Glitters will drop “Mouth”, the next single in the series from Lefse that drops December 18. The artist whose feeds make your Soundcloud streams one for the senses chops unexpected percussion while toying with the sound frequencies to create psychic channeled mouths feeding on beat abstractions in warm ambient wading pools.

Apollo Brown & Guilty Simpson drop their cut “Reputation” off their album Dice Game out now on digital on on physical November 13 from the Mello Music Group. On this track Simpson shows you how cold it gets in the D while Brown brings the bells and samples of church bell judgement that give the rest of the country a taste of the resilience from these patron guardian saints of Detroit; Apollo & Guilty.

Speck Mountain delivers a billowing slow smoke rise of “Slow So Long”. Look for their album Badwater January 22 from Carrot Top Records.

Prince Rama's new album, Top Ten Hits of the End of the World is out now from Paw Tracks and for a limited time you can stream the Larson sisters' most ambitious work to date where they channel a series of bands that were, or maybe never were, sent from the future apocalypse; re-channeled, rewound, and unleashed.

The album streams keep coming as we got a listen to Trent Reznor's family and friends' project, How To Destroy Angels forthcoming EP, An omen available officially November 13 from Columbia. Don your broken halos and step into this pretty hate machine now.

The Internet continues to prove to be not just the most enduring of the OFWGKTA front-assembly-lines; but Syd and Matt Martian are keeping this new southern California soul revolution spinning on the wheels of steel with the new single, “Give It Time”, featuring guitar work from Mike Einziger. The Feed Good EP comes out next months in December and the duo's tour takes off next week with dates on the flyer following this sample of wisdom and warm Lear jet lulls.

Listen to The Demix vs. Books on Tape with the remix of “Retried Numbers” that like an abstraction of hearing slow down cassettes being fed into an exray machine. Todd Drootin's BoT returns with the new album Retired Numbers this November 13 on his own label Sorry Juniper! Records.

After co-headlining Week in Pop last Friday, Pac Div drops the cut “Cross Trainers” Featuring appearances from superstars Kendrick Lamar and Blu.With crossfaders on their feet and cash in their pockets, Like, Mibbs and BeYoung, and The Pacific Divisioners drop their album GMB November 27.

Jonti embraces his inner Incredible Hulk / Avatar creature, grabs his uke and heads for the laundromat in Eric Coleman's video for “Saturday Night”. Curing the coldness of lonely laundry ridden Saturday evenings, Jonti makes case for putting on Pet Sounds, watching clothes tumble in the machines while steering that late 60s echo chorus from the track's backward glance. Sine + Moon (The Album) is out now from Stones Throw Records. Catch the J master on tour this month in the EU.

Buke and Gas dropped the “Hard Times” b​/​w “Blue Monday” (New Order cover) to benefit Sandy relief in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Aron and Arone released the following statement in conjunction with the benefit single. “We used to call Red Hook, Brooklyn home, a neighborhood that's been greatly damaged by Hurricane Sandy. To help support the recovery process, we are donating a song from our upcoming album. All proceeds from the purchase of this song over the next week will go directly to www.rhicenter.org. We wish the best to all who have been affected by the storm, and sending gratitude to those who are helping in any way they can.”

Listen to the new Feebzz single “Hoody Hoo” produced by Blizzed Out who are proud to be one of the first to sample the iMac volume toggle bloop.

We have been watching and listening to DaVinci since he dropped The Day The Turf Stood Still, the Feast or Famine EP, and now we are proud to present you with the Fillmore's resident international respresenter's latest, The MOEna Lisa available now for free download from SWTBRDS.

Following the release of The MOEna Lisa is DaVinci and friends giving you an impromptu tour of a special little city by the Bay sitting a humble 7 x 7 miles next to the Pacific O.

Fresh from winning The Deli LA's artist of the month, Liphemra recorded her electro adventure “Madalyn” produced by George Fierro of the Audea: Collective. Lipemra's vocals scour to see the sad eyed gal who works behind the grey skies and keeps time like Fierro's steady metronome beat that brings the song closer toward the mystery behind the song's namesake and seductive mover of minutes.

Line & Circle's 'Roman Ruins/Carelessness' 7″ is out now from White Iris Records. We got the video for “Roman Ruins” here, directed by Jordan Satmary that shows the band on a California road trip to SF full of coastal adventures, busking at Union Square, hotel room parties and more as they prepare to take over the west coast with RNDM on the following dates:


21 Los Angeles, CA at the Troubadour
23 San Francisco, CA at the Great American Music Hall
25 Portland, OR at the Doug Fir Lounge
26 Vancouver, BC at the Biltmore Cabaret
27 Seattle, WA at the Showbox at the Market

We got the anouncement through the daily digital telegrams that Dog Bite, alias Phil Jones has signed to Carpark Records and will be releasing his LP Velvet Changes February 5. We got the single “Prettiest Pills” that shines like the prettiest dream-guitar stars in a sky that travels like that subtle echo that hints toward the great towering infinity without ceiling or roof to contain this.

James Ferraro drops the LOVESICK / SUSHI teaser from the album Sushi dropping on digital November 7 and on CD/LP December 10 from the good heady beat connoisseurs at Hippos In Tanks.

Roots reggae revisionists The Lions dropped the LA scooting and club skanking video for “This Generation” directed by Eric Coleman. “You can't roll a spliff on no MP3,” is the attitude emanating from this new brand of Los Angeles dusted, reggae soul. This Generation will see release on vinyl in the form of a 45 box set in early 2012 with the official album on CD and digital February 26 from Stones Throw Records.

Director Olivier Groulx makes a ten minute film for Scott Walker's histrionic-tronic “Epizootics!” off the forthcoming Bish Bosch album coming December 3 from 4AD. Things only get weirder from here.

Matthew Dear dropped another listen from his recent Ghostly album release Beams with the electro-swagger-&- step of “Fighting Is Futile”. Look for your boy Matthew on his international tour in effect now through December 8.

With the DUBLAB Proton Drive Fundraiser running through November 16 we bring you Carlos Niño & Miguel Atwood Ferguson's ambient anthem of rhythmic strings; “Fall 2012 Proton Drive Theme Song”. Watch the for the shimmering transformation that occurs at the 3 minute mark to lift what ails you into the air.

Swedish synth beater Hannes Norrvide is Lust For Youth and dropped the single “It's You” this week ahead of the release of Growing Seeds November 13 from Sacred Bones.

People Get Ready drop the music video for “Windy Cindy” with the anouncement of a gig at Death By Audio November 14 where the positive vibration rousers will be accepting donations for Sandy relief.

7evenThirty's Heaven's Computer is out now from the Mello Music Group and drops this little “Akapelah @ Deep Ellum”. “Dripped out and draped up”, Erick Lee captures Jackson, Mississippi's emcee that lays it on the line without assistance from a beat or producer, but just a lot of that Southern style where his lyrical flow pops “brains like pimples”.

Jeff McIlwain is Lusine who released the single “Another Tomorrow” off the forthcoming album The Waiting Room set for release February 18 from Ghostly International. The Seattle productioneer takes the outsider homemade electronica into the public arena that walks through the queue toward the destination of new found electronic horizons, made from the American Northwest while channeling 1,000 bright new mornings the world over.

We bring you the single “Still Thinking Of You Tonight” by Detroit posi-poppers The Kickstand Band who just released their album Puppy Love from Suburban Sprawl Records and are shedding some sunshine on the motor city. Catch them tomorrow November at Detroit's Lager House for the Puppy Love release party where the Kickstanders will be joined by Lightning Love and The Deadbeat Beat.

Tim Hecker and Daniel Lopatin of Oneohtrix Point Never drop their night drive and drone electro single “Intrusions” presenting what appears to be self-driven, self-motivated vehicles making their way through the evening on the interstate freeways of what we imagine to be some kind of post-Akira neo-Tokyo. Their collaborative album Instrumental Tourist comes out November 20 from the SSTUDIO collaborative division of Software Recordings.

Jim O`Rourke remixes Neneh Cherry & The Thing's cover of Madvillain's “Accordion” off The Cherry Thing Remixes dropping next week, November 13 from Smalltown Supersound. Jim keeps the jazz intact but ups the elements of abstraction, turning the the gradual freakout into a cacophonic rhythmic rise with brass discord.

Bringing more electro mashes that give you something new to dance to, here is Diamond Version's video for “Science For a Better Life” that samples medical related infomercial quips off the forthcoming EP2 12” dropping November 26 on digital and on wax December 4 from Mute. Get down to the ominous future glitch with fuzzy sound bites like, “try it for free, now suffer for me”.

Ursula Mann captures TiDUS rolling through Manhatten and Brooklyn, catching all the cutyness amid the Sandy blackouts but not stopping the movement as he gets his in the video for “Delancey”. Look for TiDUS's LP next year from 3qtr.

Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq are Humans and bring us their video for “Horizons” directed by the band with camera work from Jeremy Van Neuwkerk. Their album Traps is out now from Hybridity.

From Austin by Boston comes the Silkies, who are Caufield Schnug and Lira Mondal and they give us an enduring free wheeling spin of energetic twee with punked up aspirations that you and your friends could maybe make in the backyard if you all really tried. Then again, this might be one of those things best if left to these spirited professionals in their video for “Like One”. Look for the Silkies' Like One EP out now on Heart Throb/Young Latitudes.

North Carolina producer L’Orange dropped the cut “Alone” featuring lyrical tales of romance passed and solitude from Blu. Listen as B gets biblical dropping the name of Old Testament patriarchs while describing with much respect the one that got away. L'Orange's upcoming release, The Mad Writer boasts appearances from Blu, yU, Has-Lo and Erica Lane, dropping this November 20.

Rejoice cult-ish fans of Big Star, for the documentary we have been waiting years for will descend upon NYC tomorrow with Drew DeNicola's Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me. Catch the premier Saturday, November 10, 9:45pm at the SVA Theater (333 West 23rd St) under the DOC NYC Film Festival umbrella where sole standing member of the Star, Jody Stephens and Arden founder and band engineer John Fry will be present for a Q&A sesh after the film. You have never heard, let alone seen the band's full story until now. Nothing Can Hurt Me will also show at Amsterdam's IDFA later this November.