Week in Pop: xCephasx, Krystle Warren, QOQO ROBOQS

Sjimon Gompers

The persistence & ever-evolving proliferation of Vancouver's xCephasx, oka Cephas Munga; photographed by Mescondi, aka Conor Cunningham.

Pool Holograph

Rooftop times with Chicago’s own Pool Holograph; photographed by Clare Byrne.

Featured off their upcoming second album Transparent World available soon from Jurassic Pop, Chicago’s own Pool Holograph brought us a listen to their single “Heat Map” that is one of the most unexpected surprise hits of the summer. It’s one of those songs that arrives out of seemingly nowhere, alluding to the smart mid-to-late 70s smart art pop of suave NYC bohemia with a fresh twist. Having now expanded from Wyatt Grant’s initial 2010 inception/vision; VARSITY guitarist Paul Stolz has joined the ranks, along with brother percussionist Jake Stolz & bassist Zach Stuckman to ultimately bring together the group’s most holographic vision yet.

“Heat Map” has those chords that you could get lost in, as Pool Holograph, where instinct is held up on the highest pedestal. Pool Holograph cuts through all the deceptive & alluring items of intrigue as they press for something greater beyond the troves of glimmering prizes & petty accolades. The band presses into those outer realms with rhythms & affectionate guitar progressions that seek the solace in something beyond the status quo and the quotients of what has been earned or owned. From the very offset of the single, Pool Holograph immediately display a band that is leaning toward some transcendent & upward echelons of interest.

Pool Holograph leader Wyatt Grant penned us the following exclusive introduction to both their upcoming album Transparent World & smart new single “Heat Map”:

As a departure from our last album, which felt more insular and focused on a mythology of events and themes, we were determined to write about the outside world. It was more an “open air” approach where a lot of unexpected content made its way in. It’s an oddly spiritual album, talking about concepts like guardian angels, doppelgängers, fantasy worlds, etc. At the same time, we wanted it to be explained in a “tactile” sense, so it’s explained in a way that relates to a westernized, “material world”.

These concepts were exciting and gave way to a lot of emotive and cathartic experiences putting them into rock songs. Stylistically it’s pretty varied. We started dabbling with some Moog synths along with our typical methods of looping noise and feedback but most of the songs at their core feel active and upbeat.

The first single, “Heat Map”, is a kind of pastoral, cautionary plea from the outside world to follow your intuition. The song title is a reference to the movie Predator, where Predator’s heat vision had advantages, but also disadvantages—if you saw the movie. It’s critical of only wanting what looks to be the best based on somewhat shallow criteria. In asking to accept a life-like hand, you have a chance to make a choice based on your conscience, as opposed to what others may tell you.

Pool Holograph’s forthcoming album Transparent World will be available soon from Jurassic Pop.

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