Week in Pop: FI/SHE/S, Little Wings, Lotte Kestner, Manicorn, Neon Lips, Vast Aire

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Manicorn animals Eilam and Roy (photo by Adam Yasmin)

This week had us chanting and begging to no one there; entertain us, please. Instead we were bored to tears over the hype surrounding Beyoncé lip-syncing the “Star Spangled Banner” at Obama's second inauguration, Fred Armisen's “In a Minute” bit on the Rachel Ray Show where Ray Ray name-checked mod-father Paul Weller to Fred omg-ing over Zach Hill's drumming prowess in Hella / Death Grips, to carry on luggage tips and insights. And you can add Pinnacle Entertainment and Manhattan Production Music to the The Black Keys' lawsuit list that finds company among the likes of Home Depot and Pizza Hut for forcing us to already endure more of the overrated “Howlin' For You”. Say goodbye to the Mars Volta, and the East Bay's High Castle; and say hello to the world of all new everything in no particular order.

Meet FI/SHE/S from the burbs of Paris, a band of friends and neighbors with roots that extend to Belgium, Cameroon, China, and France and make music that speaks and springs toward the lifes to be lived, or imagined in other places. In the single, “A Drive to the Psycos” they lay out a swaying song of emotion to describe a womans' journey to the California coast inhabited by possibly Pacific Ocean dwelling lunatics. With some pistol packing rage amid the sappy sentimental delivery, the pisces loving quintet declare their longing to, “make this town as sad as I am” before a keyboard blast that leads to “ohhh ohh ohh” chants and larger build ups that will have you playing this on repeat. FI/SHE/S' self-titled EP is available now via iTunes and they will be performing at France's Le Printemps de Bourges Festival in April while we hope the band will make their own drive to our stateside coasts of the alleged “psychos”.

Kyle Fields, working under the solo moniker, Little Wings prepares to release the album LAST on February 5 on Field's own imprint, Rad, distributed through Portland's Marriage Records. The understated arrangement accompanies Kyle's Phil Elverum influenced delivery surfacing to the conscious level from his days of playing in the Microphones as he describes both the arbitrary and fantastical in non-plussed observations as natural as the video's earthy surroundings on the low anxiety underpinnings of “Doom Room”. “And think back to the toll bridge, the troll lives inside, sharp with his green teeth of moss and black mold…”

Trespassers William's Lotte Kestner unveiled the foggy, forest misty Jessica Nicole Collins directed video for “Cliff”. Anna-Lynne Williams expresses overcoming fears of expression through the picture books of childhood innocence, “I wish that we were kids, I would cross the floor and I would ask you to dance, I would never be afraid of that.” Scaling toward the tallest of natural heights, Anna Lynne expresses a bold adventurism followed by confronting vulnerable fears of tall heightened ledges. “I like it even more climbing too high where the air is thin, I'm on a cliff, can you keep me away,” Kestners vocals pour like the soul-stilling assurances of the video's waterfall, her song is accompanied by the tranquilities of a flying, blue butterfly as the music bridges the comforting worlds of electric pianos, strings, and warm sentiments. Lotte Kestner's album The Bluebird of Happiness will be available February 26 from Saint Marie Records.

Manicorn brings you some sunny, disaster core 'daddy making' rock and roll with the electric electrolytes of “Vegetable Life” shot by Yuval Nobleman. Eilam Wolman and Roy Chen are the group's core that rushes witha caffeinated aggressive run through of the twentieth century's history of DIY takes on a style of music that is in a constant state of rebellion with itself. Spitting thoughts, memories and abstracts in an original speedy delivery, we interpret the closing chant of “it's too late now to become a man” as a refusal to settle on a singular sound convention alone.

We caught up with Eliam to talk about how a group whose moniker identifies with being half-man, half unicorn describes the sound developments of their forthcoming self-released full-lenth: “Half of it is rock n' roll with moments of bubblegum punk, garage, AC/ DC, speed metal and shoegaze, but there's also a reggae track, a Madonna track, an acoustic lighters in the air anthem, a pretty bedroom singer songwriter opener, and “Vegetable Life”. It was produced by Greg Ashley, which fuck yeah!”

“With regards to the lives of veggies, hopefully the song has more to do with life than it does with vegetables.” Looking forward on the year, I asked about the state of rock and roll hedonism in 2013. “About 2013 r n' r, whatever used to lurk behind madness has gone elsewhere, and that's where Manicorn's going.”

The forthcoming album We're Manicorn will be softly released on Manicorn 's Bandcamp and via wearemanicorn.com February 20 on a pay what you can basis. Listen, experience and see what Ariel Pink can only begin to praise with, “The Brill Building would have been all over this shit in the early 60's”

Never wake up with Neon Lips as we premiere their star twinkling single, “Sleeping Pills”. The trio is a cross country collaborative project between vocalist Ethan Converse out of Denver, and producers Chris Gore and Rick Carruth based in Houston, Texas. The track begins like the synthetic motions of sleepless nights spent tossing and turning while the keyboards mimic the panning and passing seconds, minutes and hours that give away to those late night fears of the heartbroken and lonely. “Will I be rescued, or am I out of sight, I fell right on through,” to the “hope you found a new lover” red eyed emotions that move toward the narcotic hope invested in chemicals and dream chasing. “I hope you dream until you wake up, and if you don't wake up, was it all been for…” The real finale comes with the finale prayer in the dark for peace and soundful rest that ends with Coverse's trademarked abrupt, pre-chorus ending pause. “Oh, can you bring me to sleep, 'cause I've been up for weeks, 'cause I've been up for weeks, yeah I've been up for…”

Ethan explained to us how the trio struck up a creative bond, how their first single came about, cross-state processes and their upcoming EP: “The nature of how Neon Lips came about is actually rather interesting. Chris and Rick approached me to remix one of the tracks from my other band, and I liked their take on the song so much that we ended up re-recording the vocals completely. It ended up being such a smooth and fitting exchange that we decided to combine efforts and form a new band, with “Sleeping Pills” being the first original track as a 3-piece.”

“The way we write music starts with Rick and Chris creating the instrumental framework and production for the track in Houston, then I record and email back the vocals from Denver, and from there we fine-tune and arrange the song together. This track is the first single off our debut EP which is slated for a co-release later this spring/early summer through TEEEL's Synth Records label & Denver's Holy Underground Records (HUG).”

Vast Aire dropped the H. Rockwell 2001 Space Odyssey video chop-shop-job for lead single “Royal Purple Bag” from the forthcoming A Space Illiad EP that compiles b-sides and remixes from Vast's previous album, OX 2010: A Street Odyssey. Bill Cosmiq takes the beat atmosphere production to the outer Space Iliad with zero gravity thought electronics, letting VA school and scold the audience for doing drugs instead of “getting hooked on phonics”, while Vast gets all U.S. Geological survey with it as he brings the, “boom in the room, as I break tectonics, plates we all scrape, you got to share if you got it.” Vast Aire will release the A Space Iliad EP January 29 on Man Bites Dog Records. And a few more inspirational words from the Cannibal Ox / Atoms Family MC; “The soul is free, the body is lethargic,” and “just remember that hip-hop is a New York art”.

The Pains-ex man and The Depreciation Guild's former axe-man, Christoph Hochheim presents the latest single from Ablebody with “Phantasy”. With keys cooler than the 16-bit Phantasy Star game soundtrack you may have played and heard back in the day, Hocheim lathers and layers on pop artifacts stacked like a a pancake order of some sincere honest-engine delivery. Like the striking chord changes choices in the previous single, “Sally Hot Jazz”; “Phantasy” takes us through head spaces like abandoned, post-recession, vacated buildings. “You say your head is like a ghost town with burned out buildings with a hand left reaching out.” The Ablebody All My Everybody EP will be available next Tuesday, January 29 via Bandcamp.

Because we are always thinking of your greater musical interests, here is the Anötherevøl remix of Nosaj Thing's “Try featuring Toro Y Moi”.

With arms extended in the air, Duncan Cooper drops his visual treatment of his Wildarms single, “Acceptance”. This is the second single from the Clear Eyes EP With keys that reach out to embrace the listener; Cooper's video captures the late night fast crowd in slow motion as the camera scans the animated audience, allowing the various light enhancements to take over the action with absorbent colors, soft focus blurs and motions that turn into thermic kinetic patterns dazzling before your eyes on the screen. For those looking for further completion from outside and within; grab a listen and a look at the previous single “Unity“. Wildarms' Clear Eyes EP comes out February 5 on Cascine with pre-order available now via iTunes.

Get militant in the juggle with Evil Nine and Danny Brown's video for “The Black Brad Pitt” that gets heavy with the spit.

Baltimore's Lovers and Reflections are producer Chris Moore and Regan Rebecca who dropped a listen to their forthcoming single “The Dance” coming from the duo on January 29. Begging for chances amid glittering dance floor innuendos that ask you to “pretend that I can dance” that makes a song for all of us out there born with 2 left feet.

Indie pop heck raising twins Amelia and Pat Innit are bentcousin who have been working on Everybody's Got One since sharing a dream where David Bowie revealed their musical destinies. They share the song “Slade” where Pat sings about a girl name Susan who is “doing something” for him while Amelia provides a back up that alternates from echoing her twin brother's lyrical trails to “ohh la las” that often takes over matters amid the twee-flying-grunge guitars. Spend some time with Innit twins as bentcousin's Everybody's Got One comes out February 19 on Team Love Records.

Nightlands dropped their David Kessler directed video for “I Fell In Love With A Feeling” to celebrate the release of their Oak Island album available now on Secretly Canadian. Gaze at the silver prismatic, mercurial, CGI'd spheres that when stared upon or disturbed with trumpets will transform the individual with the infliction of a metallic coated exterior akin to robotic street performers from tourist traps around the world.

Harlem's Smoke DZA joins ranks with Brooklyn's king kid Joey Bada$$ as they take on a Dilla beat in the A.V. Rockwell directed video for “Gotham Fucking City”. Get ready for some b/w late night hustles in a city decked out in eternal darkness with no Batman in sight. Pour a little out as we can't help but feel for Joey and friends as we all grieve the loss of Capital Steez.

While we got to wait until later this spring when Brooklyn's own Wais P releases his album Pimpin Saved My Life, this good news is that P just dropped his star studded PV$$Y RICH mixtape this week on DatPiff. Hosted by Statik Selektah, the tape features MJG, Devon The Dude, GLC, Mistah FAB, 8Ball and many more. We gave you his Action Bronson collabo with “Staten Island Ferry” the other week and in case you missed it we got “Live My Bars” produced by Grussle. Get 'rich here.

Former-Avi Buffalo member Rebecca Coleman and sometimes guitarist Devin O'Brien has started the new group Pageants and drops their first single “Musings of the Tide” on January 22 on their label Eye-Dul with an advance listen following these messages. The Pageant-ry commencement festivities begin tonight, January 25 in Los Angeles at The Bootleg Theater and also on February 8 at Origami Vinyl. Muse along with the ebb and flow of the oceanic cycles here and now.

Cult of Youth take on North America and Canada this March in support of their Sacred Bones album Love Will Prevail giving an energetic, acoustic, and passionate performance of “Garden of Delights” in Berlin.

Brooklyn duo Bryce Hackford and Frank Lyon are Pearl Necklace. They are preparing their debut album Soft Opening for release February 26 from Smalltown Supersound. With their featured single,”Why Toto”, we imagine that alt-Wizard of Oz experience that the Dark Side of the Rainbow always failed to deliver on, even when you started the LP promptly on “Speak to Me” at the MGM lion roar. We like to think of this as a forgotten soundtrack piece to the Frank Baum book serial that never got featured in film, or perhaps an organic-electric misgiving toward a prog rock band also from the song title's namesake.

Ulrich Schnauss takes the electro dance beats to the sand dunes in Anastasija Nikitina & Nat Urazmetova directed video for “A Ritual in Time and Death” from 'A Long Way to Fall' out now on Scripted Realities in Europe and on February 12 on Domino Records in North America.

Peep the Miko Revereza directed video for Semya's “Hawk Wind” from the just released Stones Throw & Leaving Records compilation, Dual Form. Dip into the afternoon places, over exposed back yards and memory ignition images that move to the wind chime clang of a warm soundspherical dub tape.

Úlfur Hansson from White Mountain and Swords of Chaos is dropping his solo debut March 5 on Western Vinyl. Dive into the video for “Black Shore” now.

Young Galaxy dropped a listen to their first proper single with “Pretty Boy,” available February 5 with their full length Ultramarine dropping April 23 from Paper Bag Records. Boasting a b-side remix from our heroes Peaking Lights, the dazzling display of electro-cool mastery comes from the band having recorded in Gothenburg, Sweden with Studio's Dan Lissvik who runs the keys and drum metronomics correlating along with the band's song for androgynous looking dudes. As Catherine McCandless sings; “And I know you feel isolated, and I feel what you won't say, I don't care if the disbelievers don't understand you're a pretty boy always.”

Another interesting thing about this new single “Pretty Boy” from Young Galaxy is the striking sequencing resemblance to Hot Dogs in the Sun's “Todd the Tree”. Listening to them back to back presents questions of influence, perhaps a shared love of New Order and the Service era that brought us future shapers like Studio (no coincidence here with Dan Lissvik's production on the Young Galaxy track), or maybe just like minded electro music frontier travelers operating on long distance osmosis.

Jeff McIlwain, Seattle's mind expanding beat producer is Lusine, and he dropped the Hanssen remix of his single “Another Tomorrow”. Get ready for some serious smooth moving percussion pushers and that remixes alternate views into that great electronic tomorrow-land. Look for Lusine's third album The Waiting Room February 19 on Ghostly International.

Matmos delivers their new single, “Teen Paranormal Romance” where Jay Lesser cooks up deep reaching strange bass scales, DJ Dog Dick goes gonzo on every element while Dominque Leone keeps things weird with vocals, shhhs, and various other utterances throughout. Their forthcoming album, The Marriage of True Minds will be available February 19 on Thrill Jockey. Check your local listings for Matmos's February national tour.

“Throwing the whole game out of focus,” indie rap imprint Funk Volume delivers the video for “FV2013” that features their representing roster crew Hopsin, SwizZz, Dizzy Wright, Jarren Benton, and DJ Hoppa caught on tape by On Point Film's George Orozoco.

Parenthetical Girls' album Privilege comes out February 19 on Marriage Records and and their own imprint, Slender Means Society. Get into the spirit, get privileged, look out for their national tour March-April and grab a listen here to snarky-smarts of “A Note to Self”.

Brooklyn's Lightouts are setting sites to debut their album Want March 5 and go high up, soaring in the friendly clouds on the video for their jangle-jet set guitar melodies of “Not Today”. Not for those with fear of flying, the stratosphere flight shows the merits of keeping the portable camera devices rolling after the 'all electronics must be turned off' anouncements are made by the on board attendants.

From Copenhagen with rage is Iceage who are following up the much beloved New Brigade with You're Nothing February 19 from Matador Records. The Catherine Pattinama Coleman video for “Ecstacy” captures house/warehouse party happenings, flower burnings, lurking outdoor settings, menacing silhouttes, houseblinds, and plenty of thrashing about. Catch Iceage in New York Saturday, January 26 for the event “Thrown Together” at Home Sweet Home and the Fig 19 gallery featuring performances, friends, inspirations, visuals and maybe some polite slam dancing.

The Black Opera drops the Andy Madd video for “Fxckin Problem” that spills some real issues from pill poppin, xenophobia, senseless violence, making a humanist plea to get along, work together and work out the issues. Libretto: Of King Legend is available now from the Mello Music Group.

Gobby drops the new track “Trans.09” as part of UNO's GIVEITAWAY series next week, from the Lantern EP dropping January 29. Presenting some 4 years of music thought to have been lost when the iron gates of Megaupload closed, UNO is giving that otherworld and generation-unknown beat back to the fans as Ratio Club & Gobby are presenting the free EP and LP works to date with Lantern's release. Stay tuned, stay hungry, and just stay weird.

Sadistik will be dropping his album Flower's For My Father on Fake Four, Inc February 19 and he shares the video for “City in Amber” featuring Lotte Kestner. Terrence Santos directs, Blue Sky Black Death produces while Lotte practically steals the entire show with her voice that breaks through from another dimension.

Get down to Gang Gang Dance's remix of FaltyDL's forthcoming single “She Sleeps” featuring Friendly Fires' Ed MacFarlane dropping into the kind of warm pop goo that breaks into headstrong rhythms and attitude at the 2:45 mark. Cop the 12″ single drops February 11 from Ninja Tune, and listen as Lizzie and Brian spin up arrangements and dance patterns.

Kilo Kish will be dropping her mixtape K+ February 7 and shares the cut “Creepwave Ft. Flatbush Zombies” while the Zombies roll through at the end to keep things nice and creeped out. Kish's upcoming tape is said to feature appearances from Childish Gambino, CRONOS, Earl Sweatshirt, Star Slinger, SBTRKT, A$AP Ferg, The Internet, Flatbush Zombies, Nick Hook, and Vince Staples.

Kitsuné's compilation Parisien III comes out February 5 featuring contributions from labelmates FAUVE, Saint Michel, BeatauCue, LOGO, Le Crayon and this week we heard Pyramid's “Wolf”. Get prowling with this electro gnarled and snarled beat bopper sure to pack any house party as winter turns into spring.

Our friend Alexander Spit dropped “Artesia” featuring none other than Action Bronson as the Queens rapper gets psyched out with Spit's west coast wild steez as the two march to the beats of different, new drums from his forthcoming A Breathtaking Trip To That Other Side dropping January 29 on DECON.

While we heard that German producer, DJ and Pampa Records label DJ Koze will be releasing his March 26 Pampa Records, fellow Deutschelanders Raster-Norton founders Byetone and Alva Noto are Diamond Version who release their third extended player, EP3 January 29 on Mute. Peep the static, digitized abstract electro noise for those with discerning tastes here.

A-Wax puts in some “Work Ft. Waka Flocka Flame & Ca$his“, produced by Southside from the forthcoming album Jesus Malverde, dropping February 26 from Pie-Rx Recordz / Illburn Records. Get dumb with these beat and rhyme slingers as they celebrate mad boasts of traffic running up and down the interstates.

Leave it to Moon Duo to drop the German rendition of “I Can See” as a digital single available now from Sacred Bones Records. Catch all the strange, ghostly visuals of the invisible man biking and going about his day from director Jovan Arsenic.

NNA is gathering together the unreleased experimental works of Northamptonshire England's Surgeon, aka Anthony Child, on The Space Between People and Things that presents the creative side of ambient field recordings. Tune into an excerpt of the collection's title track from Side A that sounds like the electro music spelunker's from other planet's listen to while mining the outer subterranean landscapes from globes unknown. Look for this creative compilation March 5, and pre-order from NNA Tapes.

David W Merten provides visuals for the Helado Negro (aka Roberto Carlos Lange) single, “Dance Ghost” that follows Lavar Munroe on a slow motion quest for dancing solitude explored from Miami's Jai alai courts, night life scenes and fancy footwork performed in empty rooms echoing the song's lyrics of; “There's no one home, just the ghosts who dance alone.” Helado's Invisible Life comes out March 5 from Asthmatic Kitty.

Get pumped, knock things over, break some walls or some vases and get down with the Wimps' “Stop Having Fun”. Wearing long faces, calling it a day, kicking the squatters out, collecting the Comcast or whatever, get pumped for the debut LP from these Seattle fun-time-punks with End of Time dropping January 22 from End of Time Records.

Waxahatchee is the musical vehicle of Katie Crutchfield who is preparing Cerulean Salt, the follow up to American Weekend coming out March 5 from Don Giovanni Records. “Blame my hardworking father for harm you cannot atone,” Crutchfield takes that ethic that moves beyond the armchair of resting on “morals and stars” and takes her guitar and woodwinds into the stars on the single, “Peace and Quiet”.

Ahead of Kavinsky's February 26 release of Outrun, we got a listen to Boys Noize messing up “Protovision” in a remix I might still be recovering from. Deep bass lines and unconventional sequence beat measures ignite internal and neurological reactions that you should heed before indulging.

Feeding People drops their latest big single, “Big Mother” as they prepare to release their album Island Universe on February 5 through Innovative Leisure. Listen as Jessie Jones and friends kick out one helluva racket in barely a minute and a half's time.

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper breathes force some electric helium on “Bird Balloons” from her forthcoming album Ripely Pine available February 19 on Ba Da Bing Records. Enjoy the creative arrangements arranged in sweets that will have you running out of comparative options as the progressive song structures take on sparrow like flight with Aly Spaltro's voice soaring as an expressive, instrument where anything can happen.

Dog Bite gives some gentle guitar pop streamers around some up beat drums on “Native America” from their forthcoming debut album Velvet Changes coming February 5 from Carpark Records.

Dada Trash Collage dropped their single “Can't Pause People” title track from the forthcoming 12″ available February 26 on white vinyl, CD, and digital. Fronted by jazz band vet William Freed, he works in manners of scattered mediums from his past 10 releases, a 45 minute film, and the “up and down, up and down”, new forged conventions in constructing a work that gives no pause for staying within the confines of conventional genre, delivery, and instrumentational effects and arrangements. Pre-order is available here.

Peep Slim Gravy and Paris Pershun duo as A.Dd+ who dropped the complimentary deserted desert visuals from Luxury Mindz' OG, featuring that electric guitar strum ride sample production backdrop from DJ Nick Nack. Catch their mixtape DiveHiFlyLo on January 26 that features production from Kuddie Fresh, Picnictyme (having produced A.Dd+'s previous When Pigs Fly tape) Stompboxx, Fly Life Productions, with a same night celebratory show headliner in their Dallas hometown's Granada Theater. Watch the video here via Red Bull USA.

Othello Woolf has an electric-Homeric, “Odysseus” single for you to hear. Things get really dramatic and emotional, while the the key tones echo as they hit and the samples sway. The “I'd for for you” expressions and whispered lamentation of, “Odysseus, she's dying” bring us the high stakes of the song's narrative climax, with ceaseless-infectious synthetic basslines. Woolf's full-length is coming later this Spring.

Parisian's dense electro atmospherics of “Sean” are like traveling between the two lodges in what sounds like the Twin Peaks theme re-appropriated into the new synthesizer schools of high art sequencing and soul sound seeking. Find this digital artifact on the split 7″ with Phaseone's cut “It's not Forever” available January 29 from Lefse.

Also coming February 12 from Lefse, is the 7″ for Big Search's “Distant Shore”, where frontman Matt Popieluch records the coastal fancies and longings with Papercuts' Jason Quever that sounds like it could be searching or reaching for those wonderful, feral, rocky, no-man's-lands of the Farallon Islands.

Flume's debut drops stateside February 19 on Mom+Pop and we got the MOOPJAW video for “Left Alone” featuring Chet Baker presents Australia's sound of electro aided solitude.

LA's musical/visual project Cliff Dweller brings together a host of skilled musicans and graphic artists. Get a listen to the soul calming, and sea stilling cinemascapes of their single “Peace In the Valley” with Therapies Son and Ella Hatamian on vocals. The collective's album Emerald City is available now via Bandcamp.

Burger Records is hosting a benefit for The Middle Class guitarist Mike Atta, who is battling cancer, at the Echoplex tonight, January 25 in LA. We're talking a line-up featuring MC Alice Bag, The Adolescents, Mike Watt & The Missingmen, 45 Grave, Channel 3, Shattered Faith, White Flag, The Urinals, The Audacity, The Abigails,The Peeks, The Garden, White Night, Agent Orange, followed up by Burger dropping the compilation cassette, What Have We Wrought? A Mike Atta Benefit Compilation the next day on January 26. The tape is curated by White Flag Pat Fear, along with Burger Records, Frontier Records, Peter Davis's Creature Booking, Tom Hazelmyer with cover art courtesy of Black Flag logo innovator; Raymond Pettibon. The tape can be purchased from Burger Records and you can rock out to the Middle Class's unreleased punk nugget, “Body and Soul” taken from the Homeland sessions here.

Some 40 years later, the 100 plus interviews from Village Voice columnist Howard Smith has surfaced in the form of The Smith Tapes that have given us the previous installments of Collection 1: Fillmore East, Collection 2: Aquarian Theatre, to the just released Collection 3: Everything’s Not Okay available now through iTunes with Collection 4: Woodstock available February 12. The third installment is a reel to reel time capsule listen to 1969-1972 where we hear Dennis Hopper talking Easy Rider and The Last Movie, Jane Fonda championing causes of the Anti War Movement/Black Power/Red Power and People's Peace Accords, Janis Joplin discussing what would be her final album Pearl, Chicago Seven's Abbie Hoffman on art impacting causes, Anselma Dell’Olio and Dr. John L. Schimel on gender matters; and our featured segments of interviews from George Harrison and John Lennon on the uncertainty surrounding the Beatles future post-break-up.

We bring you first George Harrison's response to the million dollar question posed by Smith; “You think The Beatles will get together again, then?” With a sigh of hesitated frustration the 'Quiet One' breaks the silence. “I'll certainly try my best to do something with them again,” before discussing what the band gains as a unit and recognizing the sacrifices of time and ego that must be made to their otherwise self-centered pursuits.

Now we the counter weight reality, as John Lennon describes the former-Beatles drifting into irreconcilibly different directions. With John and Yoko Ono having just released their own respective Plastic Ono Band albums the day before, Smith gets a very different response from Lennon on future projections of the fab four's individual developments and state of incompatibilities.