Week in Pop: Dinowalrus, Kate Grom, Versing

Sjimon Gompers

The proliferation & persistence of Dinowalrus; photographed live at Webster Hall by Silvia Saponaro.


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Last year we introduced you to L.A.Drones! with the release of The Name of This Band is L.A.Drones! via This Starcraft & today the duo presents the world premiere of the Andrew Wingler & Ilona Berger video for “Horizonte de Sucesos”. Roughly translating to “Event Horizon”, the mysterious duo of Kontrol Remoto & Darlingtonia Brackets take on the the Last Projects Gallery with their own Latin sci-fi b-movie spin on all things synth-pop. Armed with their keyboards, Remoto & Brackets bust out the most bubbly sounds that point toward upcoming exciting events that loom on the horizon.

Filmed in Super-8 film on location at a site that was once the first museum of the occult in the United States; L..A.Drones! reimagine themselves as self-styled & self-described “interstellar retro futurist travelers who take a slapstick approach to the dialectics of destruction and creation.” The result is something out of the Nouvelle Vague cinema era where b/w visuals focus on the twosome making as much noise & trouble as they can in their own weird world of wow. From puffing on cigarettes to reconfiguring their analogue synths; L.A.Drones! place themselves as stars in their own eccentric art film. From reclining on a fancy loveseat leisurely to unveiling the big brass—the entire climax & apex arc of the video comes to a head as soon as the big saxophone gets brought out. As synth-centric as L.A.Drones! are—the duo’s love for the most perfect plugged-in sounds are only matched by their passion for the sexy sax.

L.A.Drones! own Kontrol Remoto & Darlingtonia Brackets penned the following manifesto regarding their video for “Horizonte de Sucesos”:

This song is an ode to the existentialist philosophy with Sartre as greater exponent and to all materialist philosophy, where basically God does not exist. From Aristoteles to Marx and through Spinoza, against all the idealist and religious vitalist philosophers, who want to give sense to our existence through the belief of a god, lets say, fair? ha ha…

Basically the song says that with all the scientific and mathematical knowledge that we have currently of the world and the universe, black holes, big bang, border space time, it is impossible to believe in the existence of a God. It take us to the believe that we are product of the harm, the chaos, and as dinosaurs we are the carbon or the petroleum of the future generations (If there is one) nothing but an anomaly… The material is transformed not destroyed. It is the event horizon, same as Yahweh from the old bible and common to all Christians, that is brutal and cruel…? The own Einstein, in our opinion, realized that with its discoveries justified the non-existence of God.

L.A.Drones! get dramatic; photographed by Christopher Samuel Ashworth.

L.A.Drones! get dramatic; photographed by Christopher Samuel Ashworth.

We also can find references to the robotics, or to the Frankenstein myth. This robot with intelligence, or the Frankenstein myth in the most romantic way and under the prism of the philosophy of materialism or existentialism atheist, would be equipped to human beings by the merely fact of existing and reasoning.

For-In the video we try to recreate a temporary script different from the logic and normal as if we were observing parallel universe, where the temporary sequence are different to ours, but possible. There is also cubism by observing the reality from different points of view and at the same time… And dadaism and the chaos, both artistic currents similar to the quantic physics and its space-time reality, brief, that an atom can be in several sites at the same time. For not appointing two existentialist film makers to the bulb, Tarkovsky and the atheist Antonioni and as Spaniards, we’d like to name, Luis Buñuel, the most. Even being atheist God is important for us at the level, that he gives sense to our life for the simple fact of the denial of his existence. ¨Thanks God, I’m an atheist said L. Buñuel.

L.A.Drones! album The Name Of This Band Is L.A.Drones! is available on limited edition colored vinyl & cassette via This Starcraft Records, iTunes & Spotify.

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