Week in Pop: Crushed Out, Night Riders, Plum Professional, Sims

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Emerging from the moon's light—Parisian artists of the evening Night Riders' Jean-Baptiste Larché, Charlotte Leclerc & Anthony Gauchy; press photo courtesy of the artists.



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Niteppl began circa 2013 with their first album Cult, continuing to expand their sound & craft on 2014’s Warrior EP, to the nu-tech fantasias of 2015’s Nu Flesh. Now Alton San Giovanni and Sawyer James have reemerged with their new single “Losing Friends Is Easy” from Popgang Records that recalls vintage acid house dance parties with the excitement & enthralled sentiment that wants to keep the party rocking to three, four, five in the morning while burning bridges with aloof effortlessness.

“Losing Friends Is Easy” finds Alton & Sawyer grappling with the topic of how those relationships can slip away with the greatest ease as they present it with the most massive Niteppl track ever. A track designed for all dance parties & ballrooms & after-after-parties all over the world recounts the times spent in festive abandon where the focus fixations on the party miss the nurturing of friendships. The drama is expressed through kinetic piano tone touches where the angst is illustrated in earnest where Niteppl’s anthem of loss & life lessons learned is deserving of having a multitude of interpretive dance steps choreographed for “Losing Friends”. Alton & Sawyer provided us with the following exclusive introduction to their new single:

As musicians we’re always searching for new sounds and arrangement styles that can help us more easily communicate to our listeners, and communicate to ourselves. As lyricists we’re always looking for words and phrases that we feel have a sort of power. We feel that the marriage of music and lyrics is pure magic; there’s a reason that when we use magic we call it casting a spell.

Losing Friends Is Easy is a statement on moving through life. There’s three meanings behind the title for us:

1. An acceptance that losing friends is an easy thing to do, and an easy thing that can be painful.

2. As an angst riddled admonishment of losing friends, meaning that losing friends is an easy thing to deal with emotionally.

And finally…

3. As a means of comforting, a way of telling yourself that losing a friend is easy, repeating the phrase to yourself, however knowing that losing friends is never easy.

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