Week in Pop: Crushed Out, Night Riders, Plum Professional, Sims

Sjimon Gompers

Emerging from the moon's light—Parisian artists of the evening Night Riders' Jean-Baptiste Larché, Charlotte Leclerc & Anthony Gauchy; press photo courtesy of the artists.


Wy's Ebba & Michel; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Wy’s Ebba & Michel; press photo courtesy of the artists.

Months back we introduced you to Malmö, Sweden’s Wy with the video premiere for “In Bloom” via Hybris & today we give you a listen to their anticipated EP Never Was. Those intimate textures & sentiments that have haunted you since “In Bloom” further unfurl into the extended player experience that you have been waiting for Ebba & Michel draw from the international electronic music arts that work to extract essences of feeling through intimate expressions that strike chords that globally resonate in sublime ways.

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The terrain you are about to embark upon with Wy’s Never Was EP is something so moving & striking that it will demand you to take pause & absorb. “Hate To Fall Asleep” is the greatest things that all the vintage 4AD imitators of the past decade have failed to achieve that Ebba & Michel conquer by framing the feels of anxiety in the most evocative of executions. The assertion of realness beyond all feigned gestures is implicitly stated on “I Don’t Pretend” & then reinforced on the the next cut “Nobody Else” where Wy chucks every pop audio trick they can at you. Maudlin-melancholia permeates the record as heard on the evening intimacy of isolation heard on “Nights” before reaching out toward the metaphysical questions of beliefs & the infinite conversations that ponder the world’s most unanserable questions.

Ebba & Michel shared the following introductory thoughts on the processes & feelings behind the making of the Never Was EP:

Ebba: Never Was is about every bad feeling I’ve had this year, from hangover melancholia to panic attacks, to being stressed out and angry and not even knowing why.

Michel: We wanted to level up from our debut track and get into a deeper sound that felt more real and less light. In Bloom was just scratching at the surface, ‘Never Was’ is hyper-desperation.

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