Week in Pop: Religious Girls, Uno Hype & Smoke DZA, Vinyl Williams

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While we continue to behave like the season of sun never left, there is no doubt that fall is upon us. Exhibit A: The excessive nationalist stump humping from the DNC and RNC hype combined . Exhibit B: One Direction and Chris Brown owning MTV's VMAs. Exhibit C: LDR naked in GQ. Ehh, well at least football season is here, so before we go any further let us cherish what meant the most this week-in no particular order.

Dance the night away at the Soul Clap dance off, featuring performances from Shannon & the Clams, Mikal Cronin, DJ sets from Jonathan Toubin and Oldies Night dude Primo at SF's Great American Musical Hall this Sunday, September 9. A stellar lineup with further details above, we just want to say it's great to have Mr. Toubin back in good health and on the wheels of steel.

By now you probably are telling your boys about the new new new shit at DJBooth and downloading it onto their lappy for them but just in case, here is a stream of Big Sean's Detroit mixtape that everyone is bumping. Just remember that when you step into Sean's office you treat it like the Oval.

The Crystal Ark dropped the track “We Came To” ahead of their upcoming October 2 debut from DFA Records. The duo is Delia & Gavin, Black Meteoric Star's Gavin Russom and filmmaker Viva Ruiz and they specialize in dropping that proggy house full of the samples that made you fall in love with the dance music of '94 to begin with.

Future Islands' album On the Water has been making ripples and we have the video for “Grease” directed by Jay Buim. Go on a slow drift ride-along with the Islands inside the tour van as you trek down the snowy roads and contemplate existential matters and the exhaustive side effects of aging while the camera slowly pans in a slow b/w scan to match “Grease's” self-reflective inner scan and that far away keyboard shriek effect.

From Savannah, Georgia are The Casket Girls, prepping their debut release Sleepwalking. If there is one ringing aphorism for our overworked, overwrought and careerless populous; it is perhaps this lyric that goes,”I'm not afraid of death, maybe I'll finally catch my breath, you won't find me sleep walking”.

Brass Bed delivers us another song from their A Bullet For You 7″ with “Everytime You Make Me”. Christiaan Mader's lyrics explain the well but futile intentions of a lover whose makings are only trumped against the rhymed good-deed-deal-breaker breakings, while a sea of guitars howl and whir like a thousand electric axes from a thousand festivals. Brass Bed's third album The Secret Will Keep You is slated for 2013.

Next we examine the Feebzz “Bad Bitch Anthem” produced by Blissed Out with the following NYC toast up video made by the pair. You can imagine the 30 angry pop culture theses that could arise from this track, exploring a post-Kreayshawn underground that has surfaced, the tenets of what constitutes white girl swag, surveys of getting wavy or the greatest pop swindle in recent history. Like the manufacturing of Virgin Megastore clerks turned into the anti-establishment spitting Baby Amphetamine, the lyrical blend of ignorance and militance with syruppy electros could go viral.

Connecticut by way of Brooklyn bros Paul Sicilian and Willie Miesmer are Tony Castles, born out of a duality of opposites since their Skidmore College meeting. Affiliated with the Greedhead bunch, the two are joined by Alex Russek and are preparing their Sharon Stone EP coming October 13. Via their Bandcamp, we present an EP preview of the extended player with a longer look at the single “One Tone Man” that showcases the swirling guitar tones and emotive driven deliveries that pour like late night confessionals.

Chrome Canyons directed, shot and edited this video of cloud formations and motions from the top of their Greenpoint studio. Enjoy the clouds and get acquainted with nature's own sky patterns and save the date as Elemental Themes comes out October 9 from Stones Throw Records.

We are so excited about the upcoming Religious Girls album we are giving you all 3 promo videos for their upcoming album I Want to Believe in a row directed by Allison Donlevy. Because we know that the 'Girls know how important demographic specific marketing is; we are just here to make sure the East Bay trio has their fan bases covered.

Promo 1: The oversized lollipop edition.

Promo 2: The screen test gross face edition

Promo 3: The Bone Thugz reflection edition

Religious Girls' I Want to Believe comes out September 11.

Australians of electronic intensities PVT okayed a listen to their new track “Shiver” with a video from Australian filmmaker on the rise, Tex Crickand and are making big touring plans as they prepare their as-of-yet-untitled album for Felte. If you are not moved by the nude spinning around in a see-through rain coat, then the synthesized breaths and keyboard pulses might bring about the onset of a spiritual experience if encountered in the right state of mind.

Fresh off their tumblr, is Maryland's 'kush guard mastermind' Uno Hype joining up with Harlem's new guard Smoke DZA spitting styles over a jazzy Jay Card production on “The Kickback”. Following up the popular “We Were Kings” video from Uno's Fxck the Hype mixtape, Uno makes the audience wait while Jay's mix of piano and horns keep things mellow and pensive before he spills tales of folks trying to heckle and play him as if he wasn't listening. DZA dispels “the hype in the system”, real life stories of young folks from the street looking at doing 20 years in the pen before reaching the age of 20, locking himself in the studio so he can better the flow and bringing something heavier than rhymes about “stacks and honies”.

This week saw the release of Albert Swarm's new album Wake presented along with the video for the single “Things Fold Into Themselves”, filmed and edited by Arttu Nieminen for R2 Productions. A drink from still waters brings about the ripple effect of a great lysergic adventure, navigating lakes by canoe, ghostly lovers copulating in a cabin, dazzling and dizzying visions before the electro beats and visuals cool to that calm water front. Get your copy of Wake now from Ceremony.

Fresh from FYF Fest is Tycho giving fan another side of “A Walk” with a remix from Belgian producer Kolombo where the emphasis is turned toward the synth basslines with some added keyboard trickery. Check above the list of September tour dates above and the rmx below.

Naytronix, aka Nate Brenner of tUnE-YaRdS & Beep, dropped the Christine Hucal directed video for “Baby Don't Walk Away” off the forthcoming album DirtyGlow available October 9 from Plug Research.

Don't miss the Stu Bangas & Vanderslice R.M.L. video for “Half Dead” featuring Roc Marciano, Apathy, Planet Asia from the album Diggaz With Attitude out now.

Then there is Menomena's horn heavy new single “Picque” that does feature a few dosages of shredding off of their upcoming LP Moms available September 18 from Barsuk Records.

The latest from the Adult Swim singles series is from the Liars with “Point Your Pistols to the Sigh”. If raged up electro-punky things are your bag then this might just make your week.

Get your self introduced to Quelle Chris, who just signed a multi-album deal with MMG. Respected from the likes of Danny Brown, Roc Marciano and House Shoes, Quelle has been bringing both flows and production that re-work how folks hear genre since somewhere arond the release of 2009’s Blue Mondays. Today we invite you to become Q's biggest fan with a listen to the Q-Mixes: The Quelle Chris Luxury Remixes here to make the week bounce in ways you never thought of before.

Queens MC Bryant Dope has been enjoying himself with a recent collaboration with Brooklyn's Joey Bada$$ earlier with “New World Order” returns with “Champion Sound”. Sampling Smif-N-Wessun-sampling track, Bryant has joined the ranks of Children of the Night, Fat Tony and Main Attrakionz with his signing to Brooklyn's Young One Records. Come test the champion with this listen from his forthcoming mixtape New New York expected later this fall.

Vex Ruffin dropped the scuzz rougher-upper, “Take It” off his upcoming Stones Throw release expected hopefully earlier than later next year. All LA's Vex wants is an answer to the question, “If I gave you all my lovin', if I gave you all my heart, would take it, would you break it, would you take advantage of me?” We never would.

Introducing the latest indie upstart from LA, Vinyl Williams who psyched us out this week with his single “Harmonious Change”. Tapping into the collective stream of influences that treat decades, questions of genre, era as if they were just a collection of items and things that happened the other day. It is this attitude that Williams approaches the 60s psych canon while taking the boredom found in the swollen sacred cows of 70s soft-songwriters and throwing the fey qualities against a tie dyed canvas reappropriated for the 1990s by way of 2012. Williams' forthcoming Lemniscate drops November 13 from Salonislam (US), No Pain In Pop (EU).

Catch our friends Fergus & Geronimo in the super analogue-y video for “Roman Tick” directed and shot by Ruben Mendez. Watch as frontman Travis Ritter takes over vocal duties for the fictitious (or are they?) band The Roman Ticks as things get out of hand. Extra points for Ritter's super no-wave shades. Fergus & Geronimo's Funky Was the State of Affairs is highly recommended and out now from Hardly Art.

How to Dress Well's Tom Krell released the single “& It Was U” full of some of the best stripped down doe eyed soul around. Taking cues from Janet Jackson, Krell's recent cover of “Again” gets the party really going when the plodding drum beat moves while the vocals soar on their own accord. Total Loss will be here before you know it on September 18 via Acéphale and world wide September 17 on Weird World.

Last week we hipped you to the upcoming Bay Area comp Darkest Before Dawn dropping October 4 and today we want to make sure you are privy to the Iamsu! and Roach Gigz track “Ain't a Thing”. We dare you not to walk around all weekend singing the Iamsu! hook, “If you ain't got no money, then you got a thing for me, phonies come around, trying to hop on the team with me…”

Holograms bring a visual digital overload explosion treatment for their cut “Fever”, directed by Pau Suris. Look for the H-grams debut album out now from Captured Tracks.

Brooklyn's Nude Beach released their self-made VHS video for “Radio” amid news that they will be touring through November with none other than the legendary Roky Erickson. Get the band's brand new album II available now from Other Music Recording Co. label.

You are invited to catch the world premiere of audio from the forthcoming Flying Lotus album on this short film Until The Quiet Comes directed by Kahlil Joseph and named after the FlyLo's yet to be released LP. The tracks featured in chronological order are “See Thru To U (feat. Erykah Badu)”, “Hunger (feat. Niki Randa)” and “Getting There (feat. Niki Randa)”. Look for Until The Quiet Comes October 2 in North America and October 1everywhere else from Warp Records.

The videos keep coming as we present you Chris Cohen's “Optimist High” which is much ado about observing spherical bubbles in a tranquil yet mentally captivating style. Cohen's album Overgrown Path comes out Sept. 25 from Captured Tracks. Catch the Glasslands, Brooklyn record release show September 27 with an upcoming slew of west coast dates in October.

Catch rare live footage of Factory Records band Shark Vegas performing “You Hurt Me” featured on the second collection of selections approved by the late Tony Wilson with FAC. DANCE 02 out Sept 18 from Strut.

Then there is PAWS playing “Jellyfish” live for a FatCat video session ahead of their CokeFloat! album's release this October 9 from FatCat, of course. Mosh your angst out to this video now.

Catherine Irwin gave us a listen to her acoustic soul salvaging plea “Save Our Ship” with the soul of an old school protest song. Pick up a hollowed out Gibson and start strumming but look out for Catherine's Little Heater coming September 18 from Thrill Jockey. Pre-order here.

Jimmy MooN re-mastered his single “Lost Encoded Memories” with this color re-mapping video of the Big Sur coastline. Also check out his recent mixtape released through Microwave Radio as we await for the release of You Will Find We Are Not Alone on CD and 12″ Vinyl January 29, 2013.

We would also like to wish everyone at Cascine a very happy birthday as the label turned 2 this week. We bring you the rich cakes and super premium gelato of Cascine Standouts 2010-2012 featuring various highlights, brightlights and LED lights that kept you believing in love and the many worlds of dance and indie that glimmer in the way that tomorrow's jewelery reflects both the beauty and structures of everything that ever shined before.

As the Bay and the world grieves the loss of DJ/tastemaker and friend to many Matthew Africa, we leave you today with the Gary Bartz song “Celestial Blues” off of the Jazz Dance Classics Vol. 1 that Matthew helped compile during his days at Lower Haight's Groove Merchant that birthed both the Luv N'Haight and Ubiquity labels.