Week in Pop: Joseph Black, Kazitexx, Linqua Franqa

Sjimon Gompers

Introducing Athens, GA's new influential icon Linqua Franqa; photographed by Stacey Piotrowska.


Introducing the new Haitian hip hop crew on the block Kazitexx; press photo courtesy of the band.


Haiti’s latest collective Kazitexx emerge to share a first listen to their San Konplex EP via the LA based imprint Point Records. With their eleven members spanning from their Haitian homeland to the States, France, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, etc; Kazitexx draws from an array of globe trotting inspirations from styles that marry American contemporary hip pop with Afro-Carribean, Kompa & a many cross-cultural traditions. The result is something that is lively & vibrant that makes for a universal sound system & vibe that you want to hear bumping & blasting on each & every municipal block.

Kazitexx kicks off San Konplex by asserting their own global movement & complex of universality with the wavy “Frape Fò” that starts everything on with a hedonistic banner of indulgence. Asserting their presence with pride & confidence, the squad interjects their verses in rounds on “Vibe Nou” that matches the rhythm of the mix that moves in rippling washes that is guaranteed to pick you up out of your seat. Delivering dreams beyond the court-side seat conceits, “Goals” finds Kazitexx writing out their own road maps to success that is spit like something that could have been birthed from the ATL underground. The group breaks it down for a moment of romantic reflection on “Addicted” that brings more waves of head-lifting effects that takes us to the EP closer of “Missing Piece” that meditates on the critical components & significant someones that complete our lives with expressions of carnal & sensual knowledge.

The Kazitexx collective penned the following insightful & exclusive introduction for their San Konplex EP:

First of all, all of this was new for us. Before this EP we had already released a mixtape that in our eyes shows our identity, who we are, our thoughts, but also the reflection of our society. We wanted to transmit, reconstruct this same vision with our EP. Behind our music we try to defend an ideology, we try to bring something new but unique that most have never imagined. The fact that we rap in Creole, English, French and sometimes Spanish reflects that we do not just focus on a single group of people but rather the whole world. We want to send a message to the world that language is no longer a barrier and we remain faithful to our origins.

Kazitexx’s San Konplex EP is available now from Point Records.

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