What the F South Park?!

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South Park Odd Future

Damn, we need to step our Cable game up, apparently South Park addressed the OFWGKTA hype last night. We have yet to see the episode, but this clip plus the Tyler poster confirms that Randy Marsh is an old-ass dude who wants to be down with kids who make fart noises.

While Randy Marsh could represent an entire sect of music critics want to be down while Tyler openly disses them for being old and out of touch, yet craving to remain relevant, we like to think of Stan's dad as a cartoon representation of Paul Rosenberg. We think the following Hot 97 clip, will confirms everything:

In other OFWGKTA news Domo Genesis dropped a loosie on his Tumblr called “Boss' Life”, which already needs a remix so that Domo can include shout outs from South Park as living proof he's living major.

Domo Genesis, “Boss' Life”