The 2014 Austin Imposition

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Austin Imposition 2014

We're very happy to finally unveil all of the details of our Austin Imposition night shows at the Longbranch Inn, Wednesday, March 12 through Friday, March 14. We promise you three shows of epic proportions thanks to this year's curators: Exploding in Sound, Strange Victory Touring, and Dead Labour. All are 100% free, no-sponsored events where you can expect to see amazing performances by the likes of Future Islands, Speedy Ortiz, Big Ups, Guerilla Toss, Pile, Natural Child, Tyvek, Habibi and so many more.

We're also pleased to announce the lineup for our show on Saturday, March 15 at The Grackle. Presented by DKC, and co-curated by The Needle Drop and TerrorEyes TV, we'll be tasting the hair of the dog on Saturday afternoon with araabMuzik, People Under the Stairs, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, The Range, La Luz, Weekend. YC the Cynic, a set from the Hellfyre Club tour (Open Mike Eagle, Milo, Busdriver, Nocando), Tony Molina, Bully and DJ Ari Why. We'll also have complimentary food from Luvo, beer from Lone Star, and WhoCaresNYC will also be on display.

Full lineup details below. And remember, as always, there's no need to bring money or a badge to our shows.

The 2014 Austin Imposition


Wednesday, March 12
The Longbranch Inn (1133 E 11th St.)
8pm to 2am
Curated by Exploding In Sound

Speedy Ortiz (1:15 am)
Pile (12:30 am)
Disco Doom (11:45 pm)
Krill (11:00 pm)
Grass Is Green (10:15 pm)
Bad History Month (9:30 pm)
Ava Luna (8:45 pm)
Palehound (8:00 pm)

Thursday, March 13
The Longbranch Inn
8pm to 2am
Curated by Strange Victory Touring

Natural Child (1:15 am)
Tyvek (12:30 am)
Audacity (11:45 pm)
Spray Paint (11:00 pm)
Liquor Store (10:15 pm)
Indian Jewelry (9:30 pm)
Major Stars (8:45 pm)
Guantanamo Baywatch (8:00 pm)

Friday, March 14
The Longbranch Inn
8pm to 2am
Curated by Dead Labour

Future Islands (1:15 am)
Big Ups (12:30 am)
Guerilla Toss (11:45 pm)
Potty Mouth (11:00 pm)
Habibi (10:15 pm)
Solids (9:30 pm)
Amanda X (8:45 pm)
Slothrust (8:00 pm)

Saturday, March 15
The Grackle (1700 E 6th St.)
12pm to 7pm
Presented by DKC Incite
Co-curated by The Needle Drop & TerrorEyes TV

araabMuzik (6:15 pm)
The Range (5:30 pm)
People Under the Stairs (4:45 pm)
Hellfyre Club (Open Mike Eagle, Milo, Busdriver, Nocando) tour set (4:00 pm)
YC the Cynic (3:20 pm)
Pains of Bring Pure at Heart (2:35 pm)
Weekend (1:50 pm)
La Luz (1:10 pm)
Tony Molina (12:35 pm)
Bully (12:00 pm)
DJ Ari Why