Stream live sets from the first night of the Austin Imposition

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In Austin last week Impose teamed up with Newtown Radio (you know, because we have a show on Wednesday nights) to record two of the nights of our 10th Anniversary Celebration and Third Annual Imposition at the Long Branch Inn. The first night was truly amazing. First up we had the Chicago-based team of Calez and his friends, who had everyone chanting “Two Thousand-Eighties”. They were the only ones who didn't hang out after their set for the whole night, sadly because they weren't allowed: they are too young to come to bars. After that, Open Mike Eagle got up and serenaded us with some of his smooth soul. Wearing his belt swung over his neck, he proclaimed “I want to have one of those Kreayshawn record deals.” Mux Mool took the stage with his MPC pad and his black beanie, joined by Jonwayne, who Mux apparently ran into on the street and asked to freestyle during the set. Main Attrakionz were easily the most stylishly dressed (and possibly the most blunted) men in the room; the ladies moved up to the front for Mondre Man, Squadda Bambino and crew. They stayed up there for G-Side, who brought some incredible backup singers and used them and their flow to completely destroy the Long Branch. There was no question he was hard to follow, but Mr. MFN eXquire doesn't give a shit about such things. He ended his set serenading a young lady in the crowd, sweetly and sensitively (but no one in back could tell and thought he had devolved into nonsense mutterings. Then, Danny Brown came in, the Detroit Dog himself. Rolling his eyes back in his head and pumping his fist, Danny started with his new jumper “Radio Song”. Everything was pumping so hard! The excitement would have made it hard to get to sleep later, if it wasn't for all the weed.

Download or stream the entire show here.