Thee Oh Sees, “Meat Step Lively”

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John Dwyer Imposition

As the Impose staff vacated Austin, severely exhausted from another wild SXSW, it was understood that we witnessed an epic weekend of Thee Oh Sees performances. Thrilled to have them play our Imposition Thursday Night headlining slot, we took to the bridge for a post show, surrounded by familiar faces from our show.

Once again we are geeked about Thee Oh Sees as our Imposition: Test Patterns makes several appearances in its super-jerky “Meat Step Lively” video. While, none of the staff appears in the video, we did recognize Sam from Life's Blood at the 1:21 mark. Way to go, Sam! Alas, that jerk off who tried to lead the audience into an off-beat clap along made it in the clips. Dude, picking up sleigh bells off the stage does not make you a member of the band. If you're reading this, we hate you still.